12th Mar, 2020

Why you should be a certified scrum master

The agile technique now takes the world by storm, and the agile developers are a dime a dozen. What is it that will render you more visible than your peers in the agile space? The answer to this may be scrum master certification. You will be known as part of an elite group of scrum specialists established to lead their project teams towards agile progress, once you are a certified scrum master. Using strong agile techniques, the certified scrum master certification sets you apart as a leader who can provide knowledge and expertise far beyond what a traditional project manager would contribute.

Agile development ecosystems have generated a market influx for practitioners with agile technique experience, who are able to manage and execute agile initiatives properly. By gaining scrum master certification, one can get instruction in these methods and at the same time this credential serves as a tangible proof for employers who are searching for workers with these abilities.

Scrum master certification emphasizes on the value of ' self-organization, ' which can contribute to the following: you can quickly engage in team activities and participants can also feel a sense of self-ownership; workers can be self-motivated, which can help to increase team performance; can create a working atmosphere that is beneficial for the growth of the company; knowledge and skills; This article describes why you should be a certified scrum master.

How can I grow my career with scrum master certification?

In practice we recognize that after we obtain any experience, certifications have an extra value. Scrum master certifications act as a complement to the profession. The factors for getting the scrum master qualification and the advantages of pursuing the certified scrum master training are mentioned below:

  1. Scrum Masters accredited gain more salary

Individuals accredited by certified scrum masterreceive more salary on average than their uncertified colleagues.

Entry stage scrum master's salary:

Job Profile

Salary (in rupees) per month

Software Engineer


Software Developer


Mechanical Engineer


Electrical Engineer


Financial Analyst



Senior level scrum master salary:

Job Profile

Salary (in rupees) per month

Operation Manager


Office Manager


Executive Assistant


Director of Operations


General/ Operation Manager


Administrative Assistant


Chief Financial Officer


Scrum based task

2. Educate you with the required skills

If you are not acquainted with Scrum, learning the qualification would provide you with the skills needed to make successful use of it. If you are in the initial stages of using Agile methods for your business, you will be offered the basic knowledge by the certified scrum masterqualification.Even if you don't know much about scrum, the certified scrum masterqualification would certainly help you build a strong knowledge base for scrum and grasp the scrum process concepts. Moreover, certified scrum mastercredential covers principles such as the product backlog, sprint backlog, burn down charts etc. which are the cornerstones of a scrum project. Such scrum concepts should provide the organizations with an advantage in implementing the project in iterations.Furthermore, youwould operate in an agile manner as a part of the scrum team, which will lead to a reduction in conflicts, more productive ventures, and better team coordination.

2. Certified Scrum Masters improve organization’s edge

Any organization has trouble adopting a new approach since it impacts the whole company system including systems, managers, staff and customers. In this respect, gaining certain measurable and practical gains at an early stage through self-managing teams and gradual improvements is quintessential for all consumers.You might miss an opportunity to develop yourself in your company as a scrum master if you are not a certified professional.

3. Creating and strengthening teamwork

We have a variety of organisations that offer scrum master qualification for various people for different teams. Typically, this credential has a positive effect when it comes to working with your colleagues. As a certified scrum master, while working with your peers, you will have the potential to build and strengthen scrum's core understanding.The scrum master certification shows your efforts and knowledge of scrum that enables you to work within the organization. You don't have to waste your time showing your workplace credibility, becauseyour certification talks about that.

4. Scrum masterqualified workers execute projects efficiently

If your agile project is completed effectively then a qualified scrum master team member can benefit from a huge reward. And the customers would also understand the potential importance of a scrum team working together to create a successful implementation of scrum.Additionally, if there are any obstacles in the way of success of the project, the certified scrum master must discuss, resolve any such problems and build a positive work culture.

5. Power to judge risks and to prioritize

Scrum teams are trained to deliver great products at reduced cost because as the certified scrum master, you will be the first to notice any warning signals that might contribute to a possible disaster. Also the tasks can be effectively prioritized by a certified scrum master as prioritizing is the first step towards scrum success.

Above all, a certified scrum master is as good team player who will be able to communicate well with the team, all of which is a plus for your organization. Not only will you learn a range of skills with scrum master certification that will help you excel in your career but also become a part of scrum master community. So advance your career with scrum master certification by attending a workshop or training and become one of the best minds in the market. 


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