13th Mar, 2020

Best Summer camp events for kids in Bangalore 2020

Best Summer camp events for kids in Bangalore 2020 

Summers are here and we know how the little tykes jump around the home and Candy can be brimming with energy. Summers are the perfect time for activities and summer camps. As we all know summer camps in Bangalore are known for fun and also skill development. Looking for anything they can dabble with, we got you covered. It helps them come out of their comfort zone and mingle with people and make group of friends. helps them develop their interpersonal skills, Social behavior, Ways of learning new things and exploring oneself. Kids develop a sense of independence and try to become extroverted. Here is the list of available summer camps for kids in Bangalore.  

Summer camps in Bangalore with details:  

1. Summer camp for youth.  

Summer Camp for youth

When: 16th to 19th April  

Where: Prasanna Trust, Koramangala, Cauvery Colony, Bangalore, Karnataka India.  

Age: 12 to 16 years of boys and girls. 

About the event:  

A residential youth camp for teenagers. This summer camp is conceived by swami Sukhabodhananda International management spiritual and Corporate guru “VISION FOR EXCELLENCE IN LIFE”. 

The vision of this summer camp is to create good human beings. Confidence building, improving memory skills, Concentration skills, managing time effectively, Self-confidence, leadership skills, creativity, Decision-making, public speaking, effective communication, People skills, Goal setting, Eternal family values and much more like Insights into Indian culture and heritage their application in daily life forms the content of the workshop.  

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 2. Fun STEM summer camp  

Fun STEM Summer camp

When: 23rd March to 4th April 

Where: ScienceUtsav, Jayanagar 7th Block, Bangalore, India 

Age group: Grade 7 to 9 

About the Event:  

Summer camp participants build working models across electronics, engineering, mechanical, robotics & technology. This is an individualized program with each child doing the projects individually! The participants will build and test the projects during the session and understand the science which makes it work. 

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3. Summer camp at QLI camp 

QLI Summer Camp 2020

When: 30th March to 13th May 

Where: QLI Nature Camp, Janapanahalli Village, Devarayanadurga Bangalore 

Age group: 8 years and above 

About the Event: 

QLI summer camps with the vision of providing peculiar adventure and experience-based learning programs and provides an opportunity to experience new and exciting activities and many others offered in a safe, supervised environment where campers can explore new areas of interest with Counselors lead, instruct, and supervision. 


  • Stay in tents, food, and activities 
  • Camping gear: Tent on sharing basis, sleeping bags, and mat. 
  • Use of common amenities and facilities at the campsite. 
  • Washroom and shower facilities are available. 
  • Meal: 3Breakfasts, 3Lunches, 2Hi-teas & 2Dinners 

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