13th Mar, 2020

Upcoming spiritual and wellness events in Pune

Spiritual well-being lets us be in harmony with ourselves. This wellness realm helps us to find meaning in events in life, and to identify our individual intent. Spiritual well-being can be characterized by different factors including religion, beliefs, ethics and morality. If you believe in a specific religious tradition, there is still something you need to know about how you see it. Here are a few upcoming spiritual and wellness events in Pune;

1. Couples retreat for parents at the hidden oasis

Have you ever planned a wonderful romantic holiday, complete with a beautiful suite, candle-lit dinners and white sand beaches, just to make your fantasy a nightmare when tense quarrels ruin the sunset and silence? Now you can restore your relationship, while having a world-class romantic vacation at this event in Pune. Moreover, you will learn new skills in a private, comfortable and beautiful setting to deepen intimacy, manage conflicts and enhance your sense of shared meaning in an exclusive, three-day retreat at this event in Pune. Furthermore, your children will have plenty to learn and engage in various adventurous, challenging and simple fun activities. You will be enjoying an awesome time as a family at this event in Pune. So don’t miss it!

2. Sampurn Swashya Shivir event in Pune at MaNaN Ashram

Sampurn Swashya Shivir is another spiritual and wellness event in Pune that teaches you how to follow balanced diet for healthy life with breathing and vital energy enrichment through yoga pranayama. By the method of Naturopathy (based on five elements, earth, air, water, sun and sky), this event in Pune is a must for all those who want to increase the body resistance against disease or for all those who want body purification using ancient techniques.

What you will learn at this event in Pune

There will be holistic healing with;

  1. Prana energization technique (An advanced practice of yoga relaxation involving breath regulation, chanting, and visualization),
  2. Cyclic mediation (to go into deep silence, a cyclic of alternating stimulation and relaxation is employed that stimulates and awakens the sleeping mind, calms the distractions, acknowledges the innate stagnation),
  3. Mind sound resonance technique (chanting of the syllables A, U, M, AUM, OM, and Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, accompanied loudly by mental chant) and
  4. Yoga nidra (complete relaxation of the body).


3. NLP Practitioner Program at Centurion Hotel

This event in Pune includes Neuro- linguistic programming by Dr Yogesh Daudkhane where one will learn the functioning of subconscious mind, how to change negative behavior, build better rapport with other.

During this program one can learn sensory acuity and its uses (the ability to use our senses to make accurate conclusions about oneself or other people) through the use of hypnotic language (Milton model) that involves eye-accessing indications (behaviors in eye movement that will both help activate and show the representational system a person uses to think with), circle of excellence (also called ring of power), goal setting, perceptual position (to understand other person’s opinion), intro to time line therapy (a powerful therapeutic process as to how we store our memories) and swish pattern (to stop oppressive practices or unhealthy patterns). If you are looking forward to learn hypnosis, then this event in Pune is a must attend for you.

4. Access consciousness bars with Baakkul N.K.

Access consciousness bars have many benefits for the body and mind. They improve mental insight, enthusiasm, capacity to solve problems, joy and satisfaction. Additionally, they train us how to manage anxious and depressive tendencies, how to reduce inter and intrapersonal conflicts and how to get deeper relaxation and non-interrupted sleep. Taught by Baakkul N.K, you will be trained to equip yourself with a collection of tools to help you create a truly majestic & exciting future. This event in Pune is especially for those who want to understand their past lives and get a greater sense of well- being back into their life’s.

All the above events in Pune will only help you achieve spiritual well-being. Not only does spiritual wellbeing allow you to discover meaning and reason of human nature, it also allows you to enjoy your life experiences for what they are. You will be able to establish a balance between your own self and the outer world as you find meaning in your life experiences. Simply placed, spiritual health gives you peace. So if you are looking for some peace of mind do attend any of the above events in Pune and change the way you live. After all, change is the only constant in life. 


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