24th Feb, 2020

A Simple Guide to Planning a Wellness Event

Joining health and wellness events has been a growing trend. It has now grown into a community as people began to pay more attention to their well-being, not only physically but mentally as well. Spare time recharging one's energy, immersing oneself in relaxation, fighting stress and building resilience every once in a while is vital.

The truth is, wellness events sometimes can help people cure just as much as medical treatments do. And obviously, they are much more fun than hanging out in a hospital. Wellness events break down tricky health concepts by means of fun activities and interactive teaching and heal people inside out.

Whether it is a yoga and meditation session or a nutrition workshop, make sure you put enough time and effort into planning a wellness event and giving your attendees some value.

Feel unsure about your upcoming wellness event? Check out our checklist with all the steps and tips for planning a successful wellness event:

1. Creating A Strong Culture

Wellness events are all about accepting and building a strong culture that resonates with participants ' personal lives. Setting goals for organizing a wellness event, therefore specifically centers around the target audience.There are many focal points which can be taken into consideration when planning a wellness event. You can choose between the wide range of emotional, cultural, political, academic, physical, educational, social and spiritual well-being choices.

2. Clear Budget 

Wellness events within the event industry have become a huge trend. Through recognizing the drawbacks and practical choices, organizing a wellness event with a straightforward budget makes things easier. The budget revolves around a budget plan, the income that can be generated and the sum of surplus money that can be obtained as follows;

  • Expenditures on SEO, SEM, PR campaigns
  • Expenditures on Sound system, consoles, live streaming 
  • Expenditures on Decoration, catering, photography
  • Expenditures on Venue, staff, speakers, entertainers
  • Expenditures on Merchandise, sponsors, donations, leveraging influencers

3. Identification and Assign

The next step is to determine or establish the outline of each and every work that needs to be done to ensure the wellness event is fulfilled. Post identification of various jobs, you must assign or outsource those jobs.  This will ensure transparency for those people who work with and under you. It will also refine the efforts, since everyone will focus individually on something or something else.You can either hand over specific tasks individually, or set up separate groups to handle responsibilities such asmarketing, finance, venue, etc.

4.Locations to Plan Wellness Event 

Deciding the right places when organizing a wellness event plays a crucial role in the event's success, and the locations can vary from offices to campgrounds depending on the target audience and the event's objective.So the first call for action is to select a venue for the event and the perfect venue for a wellness event is resorts as they are designed to be welcoming, relaxing and creating a Zen feel. Other venues might include fitness centersor open spaces.The primary purpose of selecting these locations is to explain well-being and therefore, you need to choose the ones that relax in nature.

Apart from all the above measures to be taken into account while planning a wellness event, you also need to include certain activities or demonstrations like yoga sessions, cooking classes, health talks, seminars, etc. Another valuable tip in planning a wellness event is to partner with wellness organisations or professionals, environmental groups, nutrition experts, local restaurants, fitness studios, local gym, blood donation nonprofits, and more. Finally, ensure that the marketing strategy you implement is in place!


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