26th Feb, 2020

6 HR Trends and Ideas to Implement in 2020

The world of HR Technology is on the cusp of a revolution. A revolution that will not only change the landscape of people management but also turn around the way organizations and businesses function as a whole. In today's technology-driven world, it has become essential to understand the power of tech and use it to our benefit. The inability to match the pace of this technological drift has resulted in making the old-school processes obsolete and organizational growth stagnant. This year's theme for the SHRM HR Tech APAC Conference - 'All Things Worktech,' aims to tackle just that. The goal of the theme is to showcase, dissect, and analyze every aspect of the world of HR and help organizations predict and prepare for this revolution. So, here are a few emerging trends in HR for this year; 

1. AI-powered solutions 

AI-driven technologies will provide tremendous disruption in sectors like banking, finance, manufacturing, retail, education, transportation, social media, etc. in the year 2020. Organizations should take AI and use it in recruiting and recruitment processes. AI-powered systems will reign with the following advantages in the year ahead.

2. Data Analytics

Data analytics will continue to be quickly implemented in the coming year. HR practitioners can use analytics to make data-driven decisions to attract and retain top talent. The year 2020 will bring endless opportunities to use analytics to detect trends and patterns on employee absenteeism, leave frequency, rate of employee turnover, level of engagement, etc.

3. Platforms that Share Employee Experience

Today, employees deserve more than just good salaries and an optimal working environment. Employees do not hesitate to analyze and rate their corporate culture, work practices, opportunities for growth, benefits, and more on job review websites such as Glassdoor, Indeed, etc. Employees are openly sharing their experiences on those sites that can affect their company's reputation.

4. Performance management

The once-in-a-year input and rating method have long gone. Companies have undergone an enormous transformation in performance management in the hope of achieving high productivity, enhancing employee engagement, and attracting talent. The adoption of the Continuous Performance Management (CPM) processes is expected to increase expansively. HR software vendors now provide CPM resources to promote a work culture in which constant coaching and mentoring, constructive feedback, holistic assessments, skill development plans, impartial support, and appreciation prevail.

5. Virtual and augmented reality

Employees need ongoing mentoring, preparation, and improvement of skills to perform well in their work. Continuous learning strengthens the abilities of workers, making employees more sensitive to the work environment, and training them to take on various roles in their company. Organizations will invest in Virtual and Augmented Reality, Gamification, and other technologies this year.

6. Employee Engagement Tools

Organizations must lead with well-thought-out plans to enhance workplace engagement through developments in HR technology. The current year 2020 will promote employee engagement tools and survey channels to gather thoughts and input from the employees. Surveys on employee satisfaction will help you interact with your workers and facilitate engagement and productivity. This form of feedback can allow management to consider employee issues and take corrective action steps to attract the best talent.

These emerging trends this year are based on the research and review of human resource activities and emerging technologies from an entire year. Although trends that come and go, make no uninformed decision to follow those blindly. Experts suggest that HR should review annual forecasts, evaluate what works best for their company, and then phase these out. 


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