13th Mar, 2020

An exclusive guide to yoga teacher training program

The first thing to know about yoga teacher training is that it is supposed to be training for teachers! This is a great opportunity to improve your practice with greater knowledge, experience and technical skills. You will hear about the yoga tradition's philosophical underpinnings, and you will have plenty of time to explore new and playful stances. Yet yoga instruction and yoga practice are collections of different skills.

Yoga teacher training program- Is it meant for you?

Establishing a yoga practice can lead to a love affair that lasts for life. Once you really start feeling the advantages of yoga, you will definitely want to practice several days a week. You must continue daily practice and explore different models, workshops, and locations around the world when you get bitten. A funny thing can happen during a yoga teacher training program— you are going to want more.

It is not unusual for dedicated practitioners to wish to immerse themselves in a preparation of yoga teachers. Many people arrive at the end with every desire to teach while others only want a deeper understanding of the practice. The good thing is that yoga teacher training is available for everyone. You must delve into all the specifics of the activity, from anatomy and asana to philosophy, and also get ready for the real world of yoga teaching. Sound appealing? It is absolutely.

Before you can create the room for your students it is important to understand yourself on your mat. You will need to be prepared to dig deeply during a yoga teacher training so that you can completely transform yourself into a teacher who has the ability to do that for their students.

An instructor who teaches other yogis during yoga teacher training should have an experience of at least a decade, and a steady personal practice. It is advised to have a personal relationship with the instructor during a yoga teacher training, whether that means going with someone you have been training with for years or someone who knows the yoga style that makes your heart race.

What you will learn through a yoga teacher training programme

Yoga teacher training programme is designed to develop and fine tune your yoga teaching skills. Of example, not all trainings have the exact same ratio of the technique of instruction to personal practice. Others lean more heavily towards educating their students while others are more comparable to an immersion practice. Unlike yoga classes, yoga teacher trainings vary depending on the lead teacher's personalities and intentions.

How to decide whether an instructor is right for you?

For anyone who wants to learn more, yoga teacher training is a must. The thing is, yoga has become so incredibly popular that trainings are offered everywhere. It is like being a kid in a candy shop when it comes to making your decision. Firstly, discovering your own practice is critical. Taking a teacher training under your belt with a few months of yoga might sound tempting, but you are not going to have a good enough understanding of what you really enjoy about the practice to make a good choice. Yoga teacher training should be transformative and not just teach a collection of competencies. It is an incredibly spiritual learning experience.

Use the following questions through the decision-making process to determine if a teacher trainer is best suited for you;

  1. What are the qualifications of teacher? Is he or she well-educated and well-trained?
  2. Would you agree with the style of teaching of the primary instructor trainer?
  3. Will you agree with his or her personality, or do you hold similar values?
  4. Would that instructor have a healthy relationship between mentor and student and their students?
  5. Do you want to lead this instructor a yoga class with a similar vibe?
  6. Does that teacher's yoga approach resonate with you and your body / spirit?
  7. Do you finally see yourself sharing the approach of this instructor authentically, or something similar in your own way (even if it seems impossible now)?
  8. Does this experience sound personal enough for you?


Many people take yoga teacher training only to improve their own profession. Where else will you have the privilege of intensive and advanced study in yoga asana, psychology, anatomy, and assistance? That being said, most of the yoga teacher trainings do so with the ability to teach others, either as a supplement to other things they do in their lives, or as a full-time career. Whatever camp you fall into, if you are searching for a deeper yoga experience, and have the time to devote yourself to this pursuit — go for it. So join a yoga teacher training program soon. You are not going to regret it.


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