24th Feb, 2020

Best Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Ticket Sales

Have you, as an event planner, faced the issue of stagnating ticket sales as event day approaches? Maximizing the event or conference ticket sales can often be a daunting task. Selling tickets is not only about marketing your event, it also requires knowledge of sales and an understanding of your audience. To support event professionals striving to boost their ticket sales, we have developed an actionable guide based on best practices in event marketing. Read On!

  1. Awards

Creating a competition is a great way to boost ticket sales and promote your event. Just make sure to keep it relevant, such as offering the attendant an award that can generate the most ticket sales by referrals. You can use your event management platform to create a custom tracking link for those who opt in to the competition to create a competition like this. Whoever wants to participate will share that connection with friends and colleagues, and because it is trackable, you will be able to see how much revenue a competitor created. During the event a reward may be awarded to the person who produces the most ticket sales.

2. Create A LinkedIn Group

Establishing a group on LinkedIn for your event can really help you score more ticket sales. LinkedIn Groups allows collaborative group discussion, which is an effective way of generating organic conversation around your event and thereby boosting ticket sales. Ensure that the group is created in public so that you can invite both registered and non-registered attendees to attend, who you believe 

will be interested. Not only would you integrate your event throughout the social media, but you would also be exposing your event to your industry's many qualified people. Be sure to include a direct link within your LinkedIn Group to your event registration site. 

An additional benefit of creating LinkedIn Groups to help increase the ticket sales of event is that group members automatically receive updates about group activity via email, meaning you will engage members not only on social media, but also via email and another great way of increasing your ticket sales is through email marketing. 

3.Build Many Ticket Types and Discounts

While choosing an event management company, be sure to choose one that provides a choice of different ticket styles. For example, you can offer an option for premium tickets, an early-bird option, and an option for those who can't attend the entire event. Multiple types of tickets allow you to accommodate a wider audience, and that means you can increase ticket sales of event.

4.Event Promotions 

An easy and 100 percent free way to let your audience know about your upcoming event is to place event promotions in creative places like your email signature or your social media cover photos. You should also include a link to your event web site's ticket-purchase page or registration. You can also insert a banner or a pop-up on your event website to increase ticket sales of the event. 

5.Plan A Facebook Call to Action

Facebook CTA or "Call to Action" is a tool that helps Facebook events to more directly align with the goal of an event organizer: to maximize the selling of event tickets. You can easily direct already engaged fans and followers directly to your event website registration page by inserting a CTA on your Facebook page.  

6.Utilizing Speakers’ Online Networks

You can increase ticket sales to your event or conference by utilizing your speaker’s online networks. As a platform to promote the event, you need to ask your speakers to use their social media accounts. The best way to increase ticket sales of your event could be promoting it on the social media accounts of speakers.

7. Contact the Past Attendees

Reaching out to past attendees is another way to increase your ticket sales or revenue. A reminder of the past event and an offer of a discount to the next event would ideal grab eyeballs and increase sales of the event.

There are many ways to increase your event ticket sales but the trick is to find the right combination of strategies for your event brand and target audience to work best. Finally make sure that your website is structured enough to have a perfect SEO. 


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