16th Mar, 2020

Ultimate Revelation: Top 5 reasons to get six sigma green belt certification

Six sigma is a series of instruments and procedures that are fastidiously designed to help strengthen processes inside the organization. Six sigma approach uses two sub-methodologies; DMAIC standing for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control and being used for current processes; and DMADV standing for Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, and Verify, used for brand new processes. This article describes why one should get six sigma certification, what exactly is a six sigma green belt certification and what are the top reasons to get Six sigma certification;

Six Sigma certifications: What are they and what are its types?

Like many certifications, the chief causes of obtaining six sigma certifications are to show expertise in the improvement process and in removing errors and deficiencies in the processes of an organization.

The first goal of the six sigma certifications is to authenticate people who have the ability to detect errors or defects in an enterprise course. The certification tests are rigorous enough for any professional individual who obtains a six sigma certification. There are various skill categories required for the six sigma qualification – Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt.

Six Sigma certifications

What exactly is a six sigma green belt?

Six sigma green belt is a certification course in which the participants will be provided with an introduction to the tools and methods that are necessary for engaging in DMAIC projects. This course is directed towards DMAIC's basic structure. Professionals can recognize the issues and implement solutions to eliminate them by taking up this certification course.

The performance level of the six sigma initiative aims to suit the ambition, experience, and dedication of the individual team leaders. When evaluating the positions that apply to the product, most talk about the functions of the champion and black belts in executing the project. Nonetheless, green belts will also play a critical role in process improvements to improve the performance of the programs. Green belts are skilled team players; whose aim is to increase the efficiency of the operation. They can cross the distance between the six sigma hypothesis and an example in the modern world. Six sigma green belt members perform a crucial position in process, data analysis or project management improvements. There are some prerequisites to become a six sigma green belt such as;

  • Needs 3 or 4 years of full-time work experience.
  • Needs qualities like persistence, rational, analytical mind, desire for progress, ability to lead

How to achieve a six sigma green belt certification?

There's no single body appointed to award the performing career a six sigma stamp. There are many six sigma training and certification providers.  However, you need to adopt a procedure to become a six sigma green belt accredited by any of the credential providers. Six sigma green belt qualification includes studying the subject topic, completing a written qualifications exam, and demonstrating expertise in a hands-on environment. The resources may be bought from almost every six sigma teaching and consultancy firm, but generally participants attend classroom instruction to gain expertise applicable to all methodologies. After you pass the exam at or over 50 percent, you need to finish one or two standard green belt-related projects. Moreover, the criteria for the six sigma green belt designation and time limit (generally 3 to 5 weeks) differ from business to business.

Reasons to get six sigma green belt certification

Below are the reasons why you should get six sigma green belt certification;

  1. Support the company during rising threats and to remove errors or flaws: Acquiring a six sigma credential allows an individual to become vital to the ability of an entity to recognize and remove mistakes. Studies have shown that six sigma process can increase the savings of company in millions.
  2. Increasing business processes and improving quality sustainably: Upon completing six sigma green belt qualification course, you will be able to analyze the manufacturing processes and business processes in an organization and take steps to improve them. Moreover, qualification shows that you can achieve the level of continuous quality improvement that organisations need — constantly tracking procedures to insure that there is little to no divergence from the standard, and taking corrective action to rein in a project that may be straying from the course.
  3. Increases your value or self-worth: With a six sigma green belt certification, you may put yourself as an agent of change within any company. Therefore, spearheading quality improvement through the squad or company can improve your leadership skill collection, rendering you even more important.
  4. Ensuring conformity with: Six sigma requires very high standard of quality. For this purpose, when reviewing goods or contracts, a considerable number of suppliers, procurers, and compliance agencies implement six sigma principles. Six sigma green belt certification experts can help their company hold competitive contracts and meet with international standards.

Apart from all the above benefits offered by a six sigma green belt certification one can easily rise to managerial positions, thereby get excellent salary in addition to gaining hands on experience in quality management. Furthermore, six sigma green belt certification also helps organisations gain increased productivity, gain stakeholder trust and credibility and reduce employee turnover and training costs. Do you still need a reason to get a six sigma green belt certification? Take the decision today and enroll yourself in six sigma certification course after all you need to be an asset to your company. 


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