The Little Master turns 39 – Happy Birthday Sachin!

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In his twenty three-year old long career, the master blaster of our Indian Cricket Team has made and broken almost all possible records, reached every known milestone and now sits on the pinnacle of success.

Sachin Tendulkar

Conferred with various awards and honors not only for his contribution to the game but also bringing laurels to the country of a billion, Sachin Tendulkar has certainly come a long way since he joined the Indian Cricket Team way back 1989 at the young age of 16. Rising through the ranks, Sachin has since becoming the “face of modern cricket” and following the paths of the great Don Bradman and Vivian Richards as his generation’s most successful batsman.

His latest achievement being his 100th International Hundred in the Asia Cup 2012, which he finally accomplished, after a year long wait. While he may have had his fair share of critics, his fans did not let-up and waited with bated breath each time Tendulkar stepped out to bat. With prayers and wishes being sent skywards in unison, pressure surely could not have been the adjective Sachin himself would have chosen. But he finally achieved even this goal and has now set his eyes on the next, though there’s not much left to be conquered and it’s just the love for the game that’s keeping him going.

Sachin Tendulkar

While he can’t imagine himself not playing cricket, his fans can’t imagine an Indian team without him. But that’s Tendulkar all through these 23 years in cricket, always a kid on the field. If it’s about runs, he wants to make them, and if it’s about wickets, he wants to take them. Tendulkar has always wanted to be in the thick of action, and not much has changed in that respect.

Though many call for his retirement and some question his will to continue playing, most just let the man amaze them again and again. And even when the day to hang up those cricketing boots arrives, critics will agree that if emulating Sachin’s feat is difficult, another breed of unselfish, passionate and almost jingoistic fan-following can never be found again. Lace it with whatever term – blind-devotion or hero-worshipping – this is what sets Sachin’s fans apart from all others.

Today as he enters his 39th year in life we want to wish Sachin Tendulkar a very Happy Birthday and all the best as he continues his stint playing cricket for our country and winning more hearts with his love for the game.

Happy Birthday Sachin!!


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    Let all of us enjoy the day ……………

    Naveen Ram B S
    24/04/2012 at 2:37 pm

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