Holi Parties in Hyderabad – March 2012

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The festival of color is fast approaching and with it, it brings the spirit of togetherness, utmost joy and warmth as it marks the beginning of spring. It’s also the time to spend time with our loved ones and have fun playing with colored powder, water balloons and sprinklers. So are you all set to paint yourselves in the colors of joy? Here’s a list of Holi parties taking place in our city of pearls – Hyderabad.

1. The Bisket Big Fat Holi Bash 2012:

One of Hyderabad’s biggest Holi parties, The Bisket Big Fat Holi Bash is hosting the 2nd edition of the biggest Holi bash of all, this time at Hotel Novotel. With organic colors, an exhilarating rain dance, unlimited food and drinks as the stars of this Holi bash. It will be the best place to celebrate along with Tollywood and Bollywood P3 celebrities. Book Your Tickets Here and celebrate the festival of colors with the stars @Hotel Novotel.


2. Rang Barse – A Shower of Happiness @ Lenia:

With a luxurious estate that blends tradition and modernity in a unique, natural, restful and inspired setting of clear pools, floral gardens and green landscaping, Leonia is the perfect setting for a family picnic and celebration of the festival of colors. And this Holi they have prepared a number of packages, varying from 1 day to 4 days, to suit your needs in every way so that you can enjoy the full thrill and fun of Rang Barse – A Shower of Happiness with no inhibitions, celebrating spring with family, making memories and having the time of your life in open pastures with a lovely blue sky overhead. So, Book your Tickets Here and celebrate the festival of colors with your loved ones @Leonia.

3. Holi – Let Rang Barse:

With a rain dance, DJ, Buffet and much more the Holi celebrations at the Honey Berg Resort for the HOLI – LET RANG BARSE event will also be a great place to be to enjoy with family the festival of colors. Under the bright blue sky, on the vast open green lawns, it will be a great place to run around chasing each other in the pursuit to throw color in celebration of the spring harvest. So, Book Your Tickets Here and get ready for a great and colorful Holi.


4. Rang-Barse@ Marakesh Moroccan/Durgam Cheruvu Lake:

With a foam dance, unlimited food, a DJ and much more, Marakesh Moroccan on the Durgam Cheruvu Lake will also be a great place to celebrate the festival of colors. Planned with loads of surprises and interesting features, celebrating Holi will be awesome fun especially if you’re with friends, family or even that special someone. So, Book Your Passes Here and get ready for a whale of a time.


5. Rang Barse 2012@ Janavihar:

With an idea to create a fun filled day of music, dancing, and fun for the people of Hyderabad in a cool place to cool off while playing under the warm sun, Jalavihar will be a fun water park to head to this Holi. Along with fun games and loads of entertainment, Jalavihar will be a gerta place to head to with family, friends or even a loved one to celebrate the festival of colors. So, Book your Passes Here and get ready to make some great and colorful memories.


As you can see, there’s lots of fun and frolic in store, so are you ready to hit the streets and color the town? We know we are. Take your pick and great ready for the time of your life. Happy Holi everyone, we hope you have a total masti and full dhamaal filled day!!!!!


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