Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) 2012 – Highlights and Winners

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Last weekend’s CCL 2012 saw the Telugu Warriors in the lead with 9 points followed by the Karnataka Bulldozers with 6, the Mumbai Heroes with 5 and last year’s winners, Chennai Rhinos in 4th place with 4 points.

Ahead of the pack by 3 points, it looked like the 2012 CCL championship cup would be taken home by the Telugu Warriors, but in a sudden turn of events, last year’s winners at 4th place pulled up their socks and not only won the semi-finals against the leaders (Telugu Warriors) moving forward to the finals but also defeated the Karnataka Bulldozers (who won the Semi-Finals against the Mumbai Heroes). Here’s a look at the 3 games played out this weekend.

The first semi-final match, held at Chennai’s MA Chidambaram Stadium, was played between the leaders the Telugu Warriors and last year’s winners (who were in the last place with 4 points this year) the Chennai Rhinos. After winning the toss, the Warriors opted to field first giving this year’s underdogs the chance to bat.

At the pitch the Rhinos put up an easy score of 159/8 which looked like an easy target seeing the Warriors past performance in this year’s 2012 CCL, however when it was time for them Warriors to bat, the Rhinos played hard and fast, taking one wicket after the other till they won the match by 15 runs (the warriors score was at 144/9 at 20 overs).

It was a really exciting match and no one would have thought the underdogs would come out victorious and certainly not by this big a margin, but they did, winning the match and putting them into the finals where they played against the winners of the second semifinals – the Karnataka Bulldozers who won the match by 53 runs against the Mumbai Heroes.

Also played at Chennai’s MA Chidambaram Stadium, the second semi-final playoff against the Bulldozers and heroes saw the bulldozers win the toss and bat first, set a huge score of 190/5 in 20 overs and finally bowl all the heroes out for a measly 137 runs. A truly entertaining match, it set the stage and adrenaline levels at a high for the finals that was set for the next day (between last year’s winners the Chennai Rhinos and last year’s second place winners the Karnataka Bulldozers) at Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium.

Seeing both of last year’s team up against each other for the second time fighting for the trophy was not only exhilarating but full of suspense as well, and in the nail biting match that followed, both teams proved their capabilities. Having won the toss and deciding to bat first, the Rhinos racked up a score of 161 in 20 overs but the Bulldozers were not fazed. Fighting back equally hard, the bulldozers played a hard match but sadly lost the match by 1 run, making the entire CCL 2012 almost a recap of last year where the Bulldozers lost to the Rhinos by 25 runs.

And that was the end of the Celebrity Cricket League 2012. With second time winners the Chennai Rhinos taking home the trophy again, it’s now time to gear up for the fast upcoming IPL 2012 edition. Hope you enjoyed the CCL 2012. Don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the combination of sports & cinema and who you are rooting for in the IPL. Have a great day folks!!


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