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Height: 2710 feet
Difficulty level: Easy

Duration: 2D/2N

Group Size: 12 (for maximum learning)

Fees: INR 1999/- per head, (contact if requiring a yoga mat) No Mat

Yoga In The Woods


  • Per Person

    (Contact us for yoga mats, on extra charges)

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About The Event





Height: 2710 feet

Difficulty level: Easy

Duration: 2D/2N

Group Size: 12 (for maximum learning)

Fees: INR 1999/- per head, (contact if requiring a yoga mat) No Mat No Yoga**

About event: 

We are aiming to spread Yoga, more than that take people back to basics in form of changed environment, lifestyle, food, etc,. To reduce stress in a healthier way. Having alcohol every friday night is such a main stream way to get away from daily chores. Why not try something which has been tested since 5,000 years ago, isn't hat authentic enough?


Healthy Diet


Traditional suryanamaskar

Basic asanas

Hacks to increase concentration,..

Our inhouse yoga teacher is a Certified Yoga therapist worked with people of various age groups and different problems. Certified from The Yoga Institute, Santacruz, oldest institute of Yoga in the world. We in this event merging up trekking with yoga, as both are a great combination of physical and psychological health enhancements. Come and feel the difference

About the destination:

Rajmachi Fort (Killa) is one of the many historical forts in the rugged hills of Sahyadri mountains (Western Ghats). It consists of two twin fortresses Shriwardhan Ballekilla and Manaranjan Balekilla, with a wide machi (plateau) surrounding the two Balekillas. Udhewadi is a small village of about 22 houses situated on the machi, at the southern foot of Manaranjan Balekilla of Rajmachi Fort. Rajmachi Fort is a popular destination for nature lovers, trekkers and for outdoor campers.


||Buddhi Sattva||

Buddhi is your inner wisdom or intellect. Do you want to know how buddhi operates within you? 

You can start by observing how buddhi functions when a decision is made.

We constantly make decisions that lead to actions. A decision means there are several options out of which you can choose. When several options are present what makes you choose one? To what are you listening inside when a decision needs to be made? Often, we do not listen to buddhi and it might feel that our inner wisdom or buddhi is absent, corrupt, sleepy, so quiet we can barely hear it or gets pushed out of the way. What is this other force?

It is the power of desire. 

When a desire is strong enough it can overrule our intellect. Have you ever did something of which you knew it was not the most desired decision, you knew what was actually needed, but you did the other thing anyway? For example, you should not eat that unhealthy food, wisdom was present, but you did it anyway.

There is nothing to be guilty about, but it is a great example of the desire vs. buddhi.

Over time, because of Yoga practice, the attachment will become less and buddhi will become sharper. Let buddhi become your guide in life so that your choices are made with wisdom and life is lived free and happy. You will feel increasingly more in control of your life instead of being pushed and dragged around by your desire world that only leads to suffering!

Thus, the life living in sattva guna, with happy qualities :D

**- Mandatory




Transport Karjat Station to Karjat Station


One healthy package while trekking to munch

Food: 2 Breakfast, 2 Lunch 1 dinner, and 1 Evening snacks.

Expertise and guide charges

Mat if paid for it
Extra yoga guidance in free times (knowledge on sattvic diet, pranayamas, kriyas, and asanas of course)




Train tickets

Any personal expenses such as soft drinks, etc.

Anything other than above-mentioned inclusion

Any extra charges due to unforeseen circumstances occurred




Journey starts :D 



Departure by 9.58PM CSTM-KHOPOLI. Dadar @10.11PM Thane @10.39PM Karjat @11.53PM (please keep a check on Internet as well)



Take an amazing ride on tamtam from Karjat station to Kondhane village
Take your health booster munchies
Night Trek towards Rajmachi village with thrilling and chilling nature
Freshup and get ready for sunrise
Saturday Morning Yoga @ Udaysagar Lake Side (get ready to learn traditional Surya Namaskar)
Breakfast and then rest your body.
Sattvik Lunch @12: 30 PM
Introduction / fun Activities
Pakoda Chai Time/herbal tea
Explore Manaranjan Fort
Sunset yoga @Sunset Point
DWYW - Do what you want!!! (Talk to our yoga instructor about anything and she's always ready to answer)
Sattvik Dinner, Activities/ leisure
9:30 pm lights off, Take up a Challenge to sleep early urban turban



Sunday Morning Yoga
Freshup followed by breakfast
Explore Shrivardhan Fort
Refill water bottle and trek back to Kondhane village to have authentic, Lunch (Pithla Bhakri)
Take tamtam from Village to Karjat Station
Back to home Karjat @4.11PM (time may go a little Unnis 19 - bees 20)


Goodbye until next time folks
We already miss you
Stay healthy, stay happy  .. 


Things to carry:


  • Identity Card
  • 2 litres water
  • Trekking Shoes
  • Energy powder or Glucon D powder
  • Snacks
  • Extra pair of clothes( comfortable to do asanas)
  • Clean napkin or towel
  • One bed sheet
  • Raincoat / warm clothes
  • Yoga mat (if not paid extra for it)
  • Cap, sunglasses, scarf
  • Haversack or backpack (No sling bags)
  • Camera (optional)
  • Please carry personal medicines if any
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Yoga mat if getting your own


Warnings For Nature Lovers:


  • Avoid wearing precious Jewellery while trekking, as Buddhi Sattva, won't be responsible for any losses for the same.
  • Consuming liquor or any kind of Alcoholic substance is prohibited.
  • Carrying any kind of substance that's illegal is not allowed.
  • Smoking is strictly not allowed. Anybody found smoking or consuming alcoholic drinks will be expelled from the event without refund. (We care about lungs but more about the forests there)
  • Dear trekkers, always remember SHOES are your best companion on a trek! Please wear a good pair of shoes  Make sure they are durable and firm enough to withstand tough conditions. You can carry floaters to wear only after the trek is completed.
  • Feel free to contact Buddhi Sattva Saadhaks prior to the event in case of any confusion.


 Cancellation policy:


  • 100% amount to be paid in advance to book the trip.
  • If the booking, 10 days or before the event date then 50% of the booking amount will be refunded.
  • If the booking is cancelled 7 days before the event date then no refunds will be given.



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