Free Event Registration

MeraEvents is a free* DIY (Do It Yourself) event listing, ticketing and promotion platform that helps you reach out to audiences, promote visibility and do online ticketing for your event seamlessly.

How to create and promote your event on MeraEvents?

1. Register on MeraEvents with your official email id

2. Select the type of event (Paid, Free,No Registration)

3. Fill in event details (title, date,time) and give a description that points out the important details to your guests (Quick Hack: Think from the attendee's perspective include details like what the ticket charge includes, food and alcohol availability, artists/performers, USP of event)

4. Choose a category of event (Concert, Sports , Professional, Tradeshow) from the options provided and upload a high-quality creative that has all the event details. (Quick Hack: Make sure the images are clear, undistorted and that it fits the suggested dimensions)

5. Update venue location and details

6. Specify the type of tickets (Paid, Free, Donation), pricing of the ticket and number of tickets on sale

7. Preview the event and make any changes if necessary

8. Hit publish

9. *The event listing is free and charges apply only on tickets sold the nominal charges are 1.99% as payment gateway fee and 18% as GST

10. For getting the best out of the portal and boosting your event's visibility use our customizable promotional packs, please Contact Us