Escapology - The Live Escape Games (Area 51)

Escapology - The Live Escape Games (Area 51)


  • Tuesdays to Fridays

    Each Ticket Allows Entry To 1 Player. Minimum Size Of The Team Is 2 & Maximum Is 8

    Last Date: 24-06-2018

    INR 500
  • Saturdays and Sundays

    Each Ticket Allows Entry To 1 Player. Minimum Size Of The Team Is 2 & Maximum Is 8

    Last Date: 24-06-2018

    INR 600
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About The Event


Escapology is India’s Foremost Live Escape Game Venue!! At Escapology, Players can choose from both internationally themed games as well as games developed on Indian Themes. Escapology is suited for all age groups. It is a fun-filled activity for family, friends & colleagues and even complete strangers to participate in an immersive gaming experience.

Area 51    (Kids aged below 13 years will require adult supervision):

                    For many years the US Government denied the very existence of ‘Area 51’. Some believe the US State Department and the CIA have captured Alien life. The US Government declared that the base as “Classified Top Secret” but the fact is that only a small handful of trusted Government Agents really know the truth surrounding the base of Nevada Desert. 
                   You are a part of a group of friends invited to a College Reunion at a remote Resort in Nevada. You are making the 80 mile journey to the reunion & you lost the way in between. You are now heading away from the resort and towards ‘Area 51’!! A building appears ahead of you just as the car splutters to a standstill finally out of fuel. You enter the building & get trapped in a room!! On a desk you find a journal, the last entry is dated 17 years ago on this day. You and your friends have stumbled in to a strange world. Something unknown is coming to this room in exactly 60 minutes.

Have you taken a huge risk and can you escape the room alive within the one hour? What are you waiting for? The clock is ticking and you have only 60 minutes to stay alive!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Escapology is a time-based entertainment experience, therefore, no refunds are offered.
  2. Cancellation: No refunds are offered. Cancellations will be dealt with on a case by case basis, requests to reschedule will be considered based on future slot availability.
  3. They ask that guests arrive at the venue at least 20 minutes prior to the booked game slot.
  4. In case of late arrival after the scheduled time slot, players will be offered the remainder of the time allotted to play the game.
  5. The minimum age of participants is 8 years under the supervision of an adult and 16 years with no guidance.
  6. Guests will not be allowed to carry food, drinks, laptops, cameras, mobile phones or any bag into the game rooms.
  7. All breakages or damage caused in the rooms during the game will be charged to guests.
  8. Escapology does not undertake or accept the responsibility for any consequences should any person suffer personal injuries during the period of the game.
  9. Escapology Management reserves the right to refuse service to any individual at any point in time.
  10. For safety and security of the guests, all games are monitored and recorded on CCTV.

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