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Infinate360 online training distinguished itself as the leading Adobe Analytics training institute. The instructors are highly qualified and experienced to deliver best-quality Adobe Analytics training all over the globe. Our prim

Adobe Analytics - Expert in 23 days


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About The Event

Program Description

Infinate360 online training distinguished itself as the leading Adobe Analytics training institute. The instructors are highly qualified and experienced to deliver best-quality Adobe Analytics training all over the globe. Our primary focus is on revolutionizing learning by making Adobe Analytics training motivating and exciting. We offer a wide range of career-oriented courses for distinct segments like corporate citizens, students, and job seekers.


Course Name: Adobe Analytics Training.

Mode of training: Online Training and Corporate Training (Classroom Training).

Duration of course: 30 hrs (Can Be Customized as Per Requirement).

Do you provide materials: Yes, if you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.

Course fee:  After register with Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 10 years+.

Timings: According to one’s feasibility.

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track.


course content :

About the instructor: The instructor has 8+ years of real time industry experience on the tools and worked as a Consultant with Adobe directly. Experienced on multiple verticals and can effectively collate the dots between technology and business.

Materials to participant’s: Yes, we will share them at the course completion.

Course curriculum

Web analytics 101

• Introduction to online marketing

• Overview of different marketing channels

Metrics in details and metrics for different verticals:

• Traffic metrics – Pageviews, visits, Unique visitors

• Engagement metrics – Time on page, Bounce rate, exit rate

o Session time out criteria

o Bounce rate criteria and reasons

• Conversion metrics – Revenue, orders, Form submissions, Conversion rate

• Calculated metrics

o Pageviews per visit, Average order value

o Form completion rate, Form success rate

• Deep into retail metrics and derivations.


Deep dive into metrics for different areas of the website”

• Searches, Null search rate, Search clickthrough rate, Search relevancy

• Cart conversion rate, Checkout conversion rate, Checkout errors

• Evaluating marketing campaigns – Metrics framework for Marketing campaigns.

• Mobile app analytics – Metric differences.

• List of depth calculated metrics.

Overview of other tools within Adobe analytics:

• Adobe data ware house

• Report builder

• Activity map

• Adhoc analysis

• Analytics workspace

Into the analytics tool: Reporting and analytics:

• Understanding the reporting structure – Data dimension, Data dimension elements and metrics

• Analytics workspace – freeform, visualizations, projects, Cohort, flows, fallout

• Bookmarking, Downloading and scheduling reports

• Building and automating dashboards

• Configuring alerts – based on availability in the account.

Segmentation and calculated metrics:

• Containers in a calculated metrics (excluding functions)

• Overview of segmentation

• Conditions within segments – Sequential, Union, intersection

• Segment stacking and merging segments

• Using segments in a metric

• Types of containers in the segment – Hit, Visit, Visitor

Report suites:

• Concept of Multi suite tagging, roll up report suites

• Virtual report suites

Debugging for both desktop and mobile:

• Decoding / parsing the image request

• Beacon anatomy

• Mobile app testing

• Various debugging tools – Firebug, Omni bug, Experience cloud debugger, network console, Fiddler, charles

Variables and events (predefined / custom):

• Traffic variables (props)

• Listing, participation, Pathing

• Conversion variables (eVars)

• Tracking code, allocation, expiry in eVars

• Merchandising syntax, Binding in eVars (Optional)

• Finding methods (for all) and product finding methods (only for retail)

• Conversion classifications, Classification hierarchies

• Success events – pre defined and custom success events

• Types of events and event serialization; Participation

• List variables

Marketing channel processing rules:

• Marketing channel manager

• Marketing channel processing rules

• Marketing channel costs (Optional)

• Marketing channel classifications (Last touch channel details)

• MC expiration

Other admin related topics:

• Processing rules (correlating custom variables into variables)

• Internal url filters

• Customizing calendar and menus

• User management (Creating, maintaining user accounts and groups)

• Classification importer (SAINT classifications)

• Classification rule builder (using regular expressions)

• Data connectors (Purpose and overview)

Tagging the site using Launch (Advanced DTM): (One to one and half hour)- basic s only

• Modified architecture flow diagram with DTM/ Launch in place

• Data layer concept

• Tagging the pages with the embed code

• Property creation and configuration

• Tool configuration within the property

• Configuring the data elements

• Page load rules

• Event based rules

• Direct call rules

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