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 An oasis of charm and grace, where everyday problems melt away. The camp is situated at one & a half hours drive from the main city of Hyderabad. The camp is known by its beauty and close to nature recognition. It is a definitive destination for guests who like to visit the most remote places away from the crowd.

As the world’s human population continues its exponential growth, the loss of wilderness is taking place at an ever accelerating rate we here at the grasswalk are constantly trying to connect the relationship between communities wildlife, nature and rural tourism of Telangana. TheGrassWalk explore concept of mobile camping is for the people who want to connect to earth and nature as they have never experienced before. The mobile camp is pitched on multiple locations across various terrains, it takes our guest away from the city noise ,the maddening rush and encourages them to embrace the outdoors and connect with nature. Responsible tourism has always been of highest importance ,everything that comes with us leaves with us and we take nothing from the land but memories. We in addition work hand in hand with the local villagers and communities by creating decent employment opportunities.