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Zoho CRM - Classroom Training for Developers


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About The Event

The “Zoho CRM Training Course for Developers" is a full-fledged 4-day classroom-training program that is aimed at enabling developers to implement additional functions within ZohoCRM

  • IT Services will learn to augment extensive features to customize Zoho CRM, based on their needs.

  • Freelance developers will gain an understanding of how to apply their programming skills to acquire better opportunities with Zoho CRM users of various industries.

The course broadly covers development-oriented features of Zoho CRM which facilitate programmers to code and incorporate whatever they need into their existing CRM. The mode of training and learning will be both conceptual and practical. You will also get the opportunity to interact with the Zoho CRM Developer community and learn the best practices of CRM development.

What's in store?

Each lesson in this course includes four main components: concept elaboration, demonstration, hands-on exercises, and Q&A sessions. So come to learn with us! We wish you a pleasant journey through the exciting roads of CRM development. 

Who can attend?

Our Developer training is applicable for people with the following skill set:

Handling HTTP requests and responses, Java or Python Programming, Web application development using the above frameworks, Deluge Scripting, Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, Fair understanding of Mobile Application development.

What should you bring?

  • Attendees are expected to bring their own laptops to practice exercises
  • Software requirements include:

  • A Java IDE (preferably Eclipse) with Java 7 version.

  • Html 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript 1.8.5

  • Python 2.7 and above.

  • MySQL 8.0

  • Pip (package management system) for Python

  • Python Requests

Duration: 4 days (10am - 5pm)

Course Structure

Day One

Module 1: Introduction to Zoho CRM 

  • Welcome to Zoho CRM

  • Zoho CRM Architecture

  • Opportunities for Developers

Module 2: REST API 

  • Overview

  • Understanding CRM API Concepts

  • Terminology

  • Authentication Procedure

  • Understanding Names and Scopes

    • Request Methods and Response Structure

  • API Classification Based on CRM Concepts

  • Using the API in Different Scenarios

  • API Limits

  • Best Practices

  • Hands-On Practice Exercises.

Day Two

Module 3: Java SDK and Python SDK (choice based)

Java SDK 

  • Introduction to Java SDK

  • Configuration and Persistence

  • Class Hierarchy and Objects

  • Generating tokens

  • Response handling and Exceptions

  • Create your First Java Application

  • Hands-On Practice exercises

 Python SDK

  • Introduction to Python SDK

  • ‌Prerequisites for Python SDK

  • ‌Installation of Python SDK

  • ‌Configuring Python SDK

  • Persisting tokens

  • ‌Authentication in SDK

  • Using the SDK

  • Class Hierarchy

  • Exception handling

  • Response handling

  • Hands-On Practice exercises

Module 4: Mobile SDK 

  • Introduction to Mobile SDK

Day Three

Module 5: Connections 

  • Overview

  • Setting up Connections

  • Using Connections

Module 6: Functions 

  • Overview

  • Understanding Integration Tasks in Functions

  • Setting up Custom Buttons

  • Customizing Related Lists

  • Setting up Custom Actions in Workflow Rules

  • Set Follow-up Actions in Blueprint

  • Function as an API

  • Using Webhooks in Functions

  • Hands-On Practice exercises

Day Four

Module 7: Widgets 

  • Overview

  • Installing Zoho's Command Line Interface

  • Types of Widgets

  • Creating Widgets

  • Deploying Widgets

  • Hands-On Practice exercises

Module 8: Web SDK 

  • Overview

  • Installing Zoho's Command Line Interface

  • Developing Web Applications Using SDK

  • Hosting Web Applications

  • Using Web Applications

  • Hands-On Practice exercises


Does the training cost include implementation?
No, implementation of the customer's CRM solution will not be a part of classroom training.


Will the training be tailored to my organization?
No, the classroom training is not exclusive to any single organization or industry. The scenarios, demonstrations, and examples shown as part of the training will be generic and not tailored to any individual organization's preference.


Can I reschedule my registration?
Yes, you may reschedule a course that you have applied

Please note that you can reschedule the registered courses to a different date only as a whole, and not in parts. For example, if the trainee has registered for June 4, 5 and 6 they cannot attend the sessions on June 4 and 5, and reschedule the session on June 6 for a different date.


Will I be charged to reschedule my registration?
Rescheduling requests received up to two weeks prior to the start of a course will be entertained without any additional charge. Please note that rescheduling request will not be entertained to the extent that it relates to switching to a different mode of training (ex. from classroom to online) or switching to another course-category (ex. from admin to user or manager)

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