ZAK Wind Power India 2010

ZAK Wind Power India 2010


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ZAK Wind Power India 2010 is expected to create maximum impact in the production of electricity. Projections indicate that by the end of the first decade of the new century, it would be cost effective to generate and supply renewable electricity, aggregating to several thousand megawatts, as its efficiencies and costs are decreasing, while the costs of conventional electricity are increasing. No other renewable energy based electricity producing technology has attained the same level of maturity as wind energy. As per projections made by Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources, 10% of the 2,40,000MW (i.e. 24,000MW) installed capacity requirement by the year 2012 will come from renewable energy with 50% of this capacity expected to come from wind power. Also there is an increased awareness of benefits of wind energy and its savings.

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