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11th International Trade Fair on Glass production,processing, technology and products.Glass is redefining the way we look at construction. Aesthetically superior and functionally outstanding, there are multiple reasons why glass is driving the new wave in construction practices. As focus is fast shifting towards faster and sustainable construction and new design principles demand the flexibility of glass, it's future is truly shining. The 11th Zak Glass Technology Expo for the glass and glazing industry is fast emerging as the definitive destination to find opportunities to invest in and reap rewards as resplendent as glass itself. With over ten successful editions, the expo has already emerged as the single largest venue in India and South Asia for industry participants and visitors alike to showcase and witness the cutting-edge in glass technology. The 10th Zak Glass Technology International Expo was held between the 14th -16th December 2012, 2011 in Delhi.



The expo has been a story of consistent success attracting hundreds of exhibitors from over 22 countries today. The expo has evolved into an annual destination for exhibitors and thousands of visitors from the glass and glazing industry to interact and boost their presence in the category. The display profile includes finished products, accessories and machineries. Every year, the expo also attracts a multitude of visitors and exhibitors because it focuses on relevant concepts and also new technologies. Over and above the fact that a range of cutting-edge concepts and products are displayed here, major attractions are the two concurrent expos on Aluminium Extrusions & Fenestration. The synergies between the shows ensures interaction with a broader set of audience from a wide cross-section of industries.




Glass production technology:                                                                                                                                                                                         

1.Raw materials
2.Glass melting technology
3.Forming for flat glass
4.Kiln technology
5.Technology for float, laminated, wired and other types of flat glasses
6.Coating technology and many more    

Glass processing and finishing:


1.Cutting, breaking and snapping technology
2.Drilling technology
3.Edge and surface finishing technology
4.Forming and bending technology
5.Laser technology
6.Electronic display glass technology
7.Insulation glass technology
8.Safety glass technology
9.Cleaning technology
10.Digital printing technology
11.Nanotechnology and many more


Facade elements:


1.Aluminum composite panel
3.Curtain wall
5.Other cladding materials and many more


Glass products and applications:


1.Flat glass
2.Decorative glas
3.Automotive glass
4.Safety glass
5.Toughened glass
6.Stained glass
7.Fire resistant glass
8.Structural use of glass
9.Mirrors and many more


Auxiliary products, fittings and tools:


1.Glazing tools
2.Cutting, grinding and drilling tools
3.Fittings for glass
4.Hardware for windows and doors
5.Silicone adhesives
6.Adhesive technology
7.Industrial tapes
8.Protective films
9.Decorative films
10.Protective coatings and many more




3.Trade publications

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