Youth Speak Forum and Global Village 2016

Youth Speak Forum and Global Village 2016


  • Pre-Event

    YSF Pre-Event @ American Library [US Consulate]

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  • YSF Main Event

    Pass to attend Youth Speak Forum only

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  • Global Village

    Pass to enter Global Village alone

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  • YSF + GV Combined Pass

    This pass allows you to enter both events

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About The Event

YouthSpeak Forum is a premiere event that brings together both young and senior leaders to form a diverse cross-sector and multi-generational space for inspiring conversations around pressing global issues.

The forum aims to create an environment where people from diverse backgrounds can cross-pollinate ideas, share insights and gain new perspectives to create actionable outcomes to push the world forward.

We make this happen by taking our delegates through the unique and interactive framework of Inspire, Engage, Act.

What happens at Youth Speak Forum?

  • Inspire: To create change, it must also change mindsets. Every YouthSpeak Forum is arranged to inspire the delegates through experiential learning, power talks and keynote speakers. We want to open the minds of delegates to think differently and spark new innovations.

  • Engage: Creating a positive impact requires different strengths and capabilities. By bringing together people from diverse backgrounds across sectors and geographies, we form a rich learning environment where speakers from varying organizations bring challenging perspectives and help spark opinions from the delegates.

  • Act: Taking action is the most important part. As inspiration and engagement occurs throughout the day, we want to ensure that delegates are given the chance to group together and form the sense of ownership and commitment towards the ideas and projects they pitch. We connect resources and networks with the projects to enable a real impact to occur.

Global Village is the biggest celebration of cultures from around the world, People showcase their nations through singing, dancing, food, customs, costumes, music and tradition!

Global Village encourages social sustainability, world awareness, and cultural understanding. It revives the general concept of the world being a ‘global village’ and inspires people to understand and appreciate the uniqueness and difference of each other which further contributes to peace.

What happens at a Global Village?

  • Music Performances

  • Cultural Fashion Show

  • Dance Performances

  • Food stalls
  • 14 stalls, 14 countries, 14 new experiences, 14 cultures

Global Village ensures a fun-filled experience to everyone that attends it. No one goes home without having travelled to 14 new countries under one roof. Where a volunteer from the country itself is present to deliver that experience, personally.

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