Youth Boot Camp (Bronze)at Pune on  07 Nov to 10 Nov 2013 By M I Initiatives

Youth Boot Camp (Bronze)at Pune on 07 Nov to 10 Nov 2013 By M I Initiatives


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About The Event

Why Boot Camp?

The ever increasing disposable incomes and shrinking family sizes have probably resulted in excessive comforts being made available to today’s youth. The flip side of all this luxury and indulgence is that the younger generation today grows up in a false environment far removed from the demands of the real world.

Surrounded by video games and gadgets, they are confined to the realms of the virtual world and do not invest much in physical activities, thereby creating a soft generation who are champions in the simulated world but are found severely wanting in the face of adversity in the actual world. Excessive individualism and competition at an early age has further robbed the youth of their ability to communicate and function in social groups, the added pressure to conform to the standards of the peer group giving rise to feelings of low self-worth and insecurities.

Today, the choices available to youth in terms of training and honing their skills are activities like trekking, picnics and other forms of sports tourism that are mostly leisurely paced. Apart from the feel good factor that they impart, these programs hardly live up to their promises.

Our experience in Corporate Training suggests that many want to engage / (wanted to engage but then never had a chance on account of academic pursuits!) in rigorous physical activities but is reluctant to pursue the same either due to lack of self-confidence or for want of time and on more than one occasion, just due to the perception of having crossed the suitable age!!.  It is important to note here that there is nothing as an age barrier that would inhibit anyone from attempting rigorous activities if one has set one’s mind on it ; and any reluctance to pursue activities has more to do with one’s mental conditioning than anything else.

Our objective in introducing a Boot camp is manifold;

Primarily Leaders are made and not born—the young, impressionable minds need exposure at the correct age to understand the nuances of Leadership i. e. in their formative years.

Secondly, instill self-confidence not just through knowledge (which is provided in plenty through theory in our education system today) but vide honing their latent physical and mental prowess. Thirdly, educate them to the significance of Discipline (more importantly Self-discipline) in their life and much more.

The aim of the program is not to offer a schedule that is way too tough for the participants to come through, but to provide a meaningful and purposeful platform wherein the participants are put through sufficiently rigorous activities that challenge both the mental and physical capabilities of the participant, thereby pushing them to their limits; making them realize their own potential.

The participants shall get a feel akin to Army training, what with complete camouflage gear being provided and activities like rappelling, snake handling, survival off the land, water activities, navigation, speed marches, un-armed combat, rope course, paintball exercises with combat situations, introduction to music etc are offered. The programs are constructed in such a way as to provide the maximum impact in a fun filled way.

We are confident that the participants would find this an informative and transforming session, the fruits of which shall be beneficial to them all their life and would aid them in facing any kind of challenge; be it professional or personal.

Boot Camp will be lead by Col (Retd) Vish Godbole, CEO, M I Initiatives.

Date   : 07 to 10 Nov 2013

Place: Camp M I, Andgaon, Lavasa Road, 25 Kms from Chandani Chowk, Pune, India

Age Group:   13 to 16 years

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