Book Online Tickets for You And Money - Mumbai , Mumbai. Have you noticed that no matter how much money you make, you never seem to feel like you have enough, and as a result spend much of your time trying to figure out how to get more? Do you feel trapped in a never-ending cycle of earning, wanting, spend

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Have you noticed that no matter how much money you make, you never seem to feel like you have enough, and as a result spend much of your time trying to figure out how to get more? Do you feel trapped in a never-ending cycle of earning, wanting, spending, and trying to save, and rarely feel like you’re getting any closer to reaching your financial goals?

How much money do you need to feel secure? Truth is security does not come from the money you have in the bank or the state-of-the-art systems in your house or on your comes from your beliefs, your mindset and your conditioning.

The source of our experience of fear and anxiety about money is deep-rooted cultural mind set and habits that are blocking the experience of true wealth and well-being. The good news is it’s actually possible liberate yourself from the endless cycle of scarcity and struggle in your relationship with money.

Your unhealthy mind sets are the causes of your fear and anxiety around money and can lead to unconscious habits that prevent you from experiencing the prosperity that is available to us all. They have been drilled into you daily by our entire culture for most of your life, so you’ve simply come to accept them as facts. Unfortunately, believing them almost guarantees that you’ll struggle with issues around money for the rest of your life—no matter how much you make.

In our decades of work, teaching and coaching people about their financial challenges, we’ve discovered there are patterns that you must break away from.

Believe it or not, even those who are considered wealthy by many standards rarely feel like they have enough, and often suffer the same stress, frustration and fear as those who are struggling to make ends meet.

Imagine experiencing the kind of financial freedom where you can…
• Feel unshakable confidence in your capacity to generate the money you need for you and your family to thrive and live an extraordinary and fulfilling life—regardless of the economy
• Know that you’re able to manage unexpected expenses with ease
• Experience the deep nourishment, strength and well-being that comes from aligning your spending with your deepest values
• Feel satisfaction in paying your bills every month and being able to meet your financial obligations
• Have the time and money to pursue your highest calling
• Amplify your earning power so that you are able to maximize your income
• Save and invest in ways that leave you feeling excited and at peace about the ways you’re creating wealth
• Feel so overflowing with prosperity that you can confidently and generously make a meaningful contribution to the causes you most deeply care about

In our decades of work, teaching and coaching people about their financial challenges, we’ve discovered there are patterns that you must break away from.

Which is the exact reason why we have created this intensive one day workshop, You & Money, facilitated by Master Spirit Life Coach, Sheila Ram Mohan, where you will learn how to:
• Uncover 100 plus beliefs that may have been stopping your money
• Learn the 5 different kinds of money operating in your life
• Out-picture your current blueprint & then destroy it
• Learn a mind-body tool that INSTANTLY transforms your money blueprint
• Learn the world’s best money management system to make money, grow money & spend guilt-free

We’ll teach you the simple, powerful prosperity tools and practices that will open the door to true and lasting financial freedom that is actually much closer than you might think. Because making money, growing money and keeping money is a skill that we need to learn to take control over our life.

Happening this month in Mumbai

About Sheila Ram Mohan:

Sheila is an internationally Certified Master Spirit Life Coach & an enthusiastic, energetic and empowering International trainer & Speaker, with a major passion to help people realise the power of living a life of purpose and joy.

Known for her tough-love mentoring style, she pushes people to feel their edges and fly. She is the founder of Lumiere24, a coaching and mentoring firm and is one of the leading authorities in Personal Development.

Her passion makes her travel around the country, delivering her message and she has touched the lives of 1000s around the globe.

She has trained with some of the big names in the industry, like T Harv Eker, Margaret Lynch, Blair Singer, Gerry Robert, Erica Marie, Robert Anthony, Nick Ortner to name a few.

She is an Internationally Certified Metaphors of Movement Coach…one of the few in this brand new modality which uses the words you speak to figure out the issues in your life. She is an NLP-K practitioner and the author of the best-selling book, I Complete Me, which was nominated for the Reader’s Choice Awards & the NY Times Academy awards.

In addition to Coaching, she is also trained in a variety of healing modalities: EFT, Access Bars, Angel tarot, Bach Flower Remedies, Kundalini Reiki, Gem Therapies, Switchwords, Power Symbols – which are used on a need-basis for therapies, if any.

She is also on Youtube where she has a weekly show on Personal development.
You & Money is a long-running workshop which has transformed the lives of over 1700 people in India itself.

Here’s what some of the participants have to say:

Dr Zameer Mohammed, Dentist: Set up 6 dental clinics in and around Hyderabd within 3 months of attending the workshop. Here’s what he has to say: “You played a vital role. I have been trying for 5 years. Always was rejected at the last stage. Learnt from you a golden mantra.”

Geetika Mrig, Advertising Professional: Went from Rs 25000 per month to Rs 65000 per month within 90 days. She says “Just for your information, I followed your money management system so seriously that instead of taxes getting deducted in my feb and march salary, I actually got money back in my February salary.

Shilpa Nainani: Sheila is an extremely intuitive coach. In my coaching period with her, I grew – both personally and professionally. She is non judgmental and will push you to go beyond your own boundaries. More than anything, she is very giving and always ready to help. While she herself grows and upgrades herself, she also makes sure that her clients are with her, and on it in all capacities.

Sowmya Nittala: “Sheila guided me in matters of finance, health, relationships, career and so many more issues that one can’t even categorize. What I like about Sheila’s approach is she is completely no nonsense. Also, she does not offer one-size-fits-all kind of methods. She keeps updating her repertoire. She surprises the ‘resistant mind’ with new approaches. That helps. To say she made me successful may sound like an ad. She made me taste the success that I already was. That is just attracting more of it. She basically is helping me help myself. Thank you, Sheila. “ 

Rajgopal: Sheila was like a guiding angel during the preparations for my exams. The methods taught by her were of great help and was instrumental in driving away my fears. I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for all the guidance and attribute my success to her”

Aishwarya: The Life healer- My name for her!…When we are just about getting into the teenage phase, and getting out we always need that guidance and path to how to process your life or the different situations around you. Let me tell you a story about a girl just like that-She was busy with her own messed up thoughts, school nagging, own pressures to do well and Boy issues, like we call it. She even had times where she felt like she wanted to hurt herself, because of the tough and scary moments she had. And that’s when she met Sheila. Who walked right into my brain and understood everything.And now, she is an aspiring Fashion Stylist and loves life the way it is, and everything that comes her way.And all this, wouldn’t be happening without the bright way of hope and sunlight, Sheila Ram MohanI love you, and you will always be special to me. Because you healed a part of my life. Words are not enough to thank you for the help you have given me. You have Magic to heal a lot of people’s worlds.

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