YOM ~ Yoga of Miracles

YOM ~ Yoga of Miracles


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    Yoga class to reprogram the brain

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About The Event

YOM is Yoga + affirmations (positive statements)


Its not just about touching your toes, its about flexing your brain nerves.


Yoga of Miracles or simply put “YOM” is a transformational yoga class that helps you to shift your perceptions about life + yourself and fall in love with your body, mind & soul.


#Through the practice of positive affirmations combined with the sequence of asanas, meditation, pranayama and psychological strategies you would not only reap physical advantages of moving your body but will be able to shine light in your inner world to radiate happiness. You will be able to look at things differently and perceive them with sheer love and acceptance.


#YOM will help you to get rid of negative life patterns and create an all new positive one for yourself. By changing your inner dialogue with intentional + empowering statements and physical practice of yoga, a YOM class aims at integrating body and mind together for a kick-ass time.


The essence of life can be determined by the thoughts we are thinking or the words we are speaking. Words, be in mind or mouth are the vessels of energy. Unintentionally in today’s day and age we are feeding ourselves with negative energies in the form of unhealthy self-talk, jealousy, judgment, corporate politics, bitching, gossiping and self-loathing. We are anyway affirming ourselves destructively every day which is affecting our emotional and mental state of being. But through the means of using deliberate positive affirmations in a YOM class you can turn the whole system around and create a new thought pattern for yourself. You can choose to change what doesn’t serve you. The whole drama is in your mind and if you look at it closely, it’s due to your thoughts. Change your thoughts and you have changed your world. Affirmations help you replace your negative thoughts with positive, they quite your ego’s mad chatter, affirmations put us on the driver’s seat, they are easy and effective, they rewire our thinking patterns, you can choose health, happiness, love and gratitude instantly and you can create a new story you would love to tell yourself every day.

Come join Certified Yoga Teacher and NLP Coach Ruchika Batra! 

For more information - www.ruchikabatra.com

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