YOGA FOR HAPPINESS - It is all about your happiness

YOGA FOR HAPPINESS - It is all about your happiness


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Happiness is not a desire, it is your basic nature.

Do you sometimes feel that no matter how hard you try, you just cannot find fulfilment?

That despite your best efforts to be happy, you somehow end up suffering?

Does the work life balance remain a dream, that could not be put in to practice?

Do you sometime wonder that life has much more meaning than current rat race ?

Does it sometimes seem that everyone is enjoying life, except you?

All those films and magazines depicting happy lifestyles, you can’t seem to find?

If your answer to these questions is “yes”, relax .....Your feeling is quite genuine ….

Your will get answers beyond “Yes” at Yoga For Happiness Workshop.


What it offers

'Yoga for Happiness’ is our flagship weekend personality enrichment workshop based on timeless wisdom of Gita , which has benefited thousands of families ,working professionals , businessmen etc.

 ‘Yoga for Happiness helps you to live a life full of love and happiness. It makes you effective as an individual person, a parent, a leader , a team player …..whatever role you are playing … makes you a complete and happy individual ….that creates happy families and happy societies.

The workshop that consists of interactive presentations, exciting games, inspiring videos, soul-stirring music and fun-filled activities.


Beyond Asanas & Exercises

An idea can change your life. This one workshop has changed thousands of lives for betterment & fulfillment.

 Come, Explore & Experience the Yoga For Modern Age.

Faculty :

Highly qualified professionals from IITs/ NITs , who have been  practicing these fulfilled principles of Yoga for Happiness

Language : English  

For queries and registration help : Please contact  - 91333 70304



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