Yi Youth Conclave - Learn, Explore, Imagine

Yi Youth Conclave - Learn, Explore, Imagine


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About The Event

The Yi Youth Conclave @ Hyderabad is a reminisce of sorts for it attempts to draw lessons from the vast ocean of wisdom hidden in our ancient epic – The Mahabhrata.

The major thrust areas of this conclave would be civic responsibility, responsible leadership and youth entrepreneurship.

The main purpose is to Learn & Explore lessons from real life encompassing these thrust areas and Imagining a resurgent India equipped to march ahead.

The Theme
Life as it is said is like a river, we can struggle to change its course but ultimately it will go its own way. All one can do is to bathe in it, drink it, be refreshed by it, share it with everyone, but never fight it, never be swept away by its flow and never get attached to it, observe it – Learn from it.

Out of the millions of species its only humans who looked beyond survival. Seeking meaning in life, saving themselves and helping others. Humanity is blessed with a faculty that enables it to empathize. It is this unique faculty that enabled humanity to forsake the jungle and establish a civilization – Explore the unknown path.

Mankind is blessed with imagination. We could foresee the future and take actions to secure it. With this imagination we can establish a code of conduct based on empathy rather than exploitation that would secure humanity – Imagine a new reality.

The conclave will have learners & explorers who have participated and thought leaders who have imagined India’s journey and will be sharing their thoughts in the context of the theme and a young nation.


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