WTR India 2013

WTR India 2013


About The Event

WTR INDIA 2013 – Waste to Resource Conference and Exhibition scheduled from 18th - 19th December 2013 at Hotel the Leela,Mumbai, is an endeavor to create a neutral platform to address, discuss and deliberate issues relating to Solid Waste Management, Waste Water Treatment and Pollution Control and is intended for a wide circle of waste industry professionals and experts from educational, research and development institutions; municipal and governmental agencies; technology and equipment vendors. WTR India 2013 will help to figure out what can be done to reduce waste and safely manage what remains because if not managed wisely, it can lead to environmental pollution, and pose a threat to human health.



  1. 1. Reduce , Reuse, Recycle
  2. 2. Treatment Of Municipal / Industrial Waste
  3. 3. Environment Protection & Climate Change Promoting Technology
  4. 4. Waste To Energy
  5. 5. Customized Solution And International Cooperation In The Sustainable Resource Management
  6. 6. Municipal Waste Water Treatment & Technologies In Industrial Waste Water Treatment
  7. 7. Common Effluent Treatment
  8. 8. Private Public Partnership
  9. 9. Sewage Treatment Plants
  10. 10.E Waste Management





Water and Waste Water : -- Evaporators, Bio – Agri Inputs, Suction Machines, Water Purification Plants, Portable Toilets, Sewage Treatment Plants, Common Effluent Treatment Plants, Filtration Systems, Waste Water Management Recycling, Rain Water Harvesting, Water Conversation, Desalination, Pumps, Valves, Water Consultancy And Water Extraction.


Solid Waste Management and Recycling :-- Collection, Storage, Transportation And Disposal Of Municipal, Industrial, Hazardous And Bio Medical Wastes, Waste Recycling, Plastic To Fuel, E-waste Management, Landfill Management, Bio- Machination, Incinerations, Combustion, Fly Ash And Slurry Recycling.


Waste to Energy : -- Biomass to Energy, Landfill Gas, Municipal Solid Waste for Power Generation ( Electricity).


Cleaning Technologies : -- Facility Management, Road Sweepers, Pest Control And Pesticides Service, Portable Wash Rooms, Detergent, Soaps, Chemicals, Brushes, Mops And Scrubbers, Clean Air Monitoring, Clean Room Technologies, Ionizers, Air Cooling System / Technologies.


Pollution Control and Sustainability : -- Composting, Environmental Education, Carbon Credits, Renewable and Alternative Energy Sources, Pollution Control Measuring Equipments, Radiation Protection, Bio Fuels, Alternative Fuels, Landscaping, Environmentally Friendly Products.


Urban Infrastructure Development : -- Financial Institute, Urban Development And Funding Agencies, Gas And Energy, Public Amenities Like, Public Urinals, Shopping Complex. Sezs, Business And Industrial Parks, Infrastructure Development For Airports, Roads, Railways, Bridges.




Mayors,Municipal Commissioners and City Managers

Private Segments / Industry Players & Professionals

Consultants to Municipal Corporations

Public Administrators & Civil Servants

Providers of Municipal and Urban Services

Municipal & Government Contractors and Suppliers

Development Banks and Financial Institutions,

Central Water Commission, Central Ground Water Authority

Consultants, Procurers of Stores

Industrial Water and Waste Water Consultants


Supplies and Disposal Department, Water Authorities

Experts Town Planners, Architects, Engineers & Interior Designers

Structural and Civil Engineers, Housing & Building Department,

Professionals from the Building Industry, Real Estate & Township

Developers & Builders, Construction & Infrastructure Developers,

Estate and Facility Managers,

Media / Press

Research scientist


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