Career as Translator or Interpreter

Career as Translator or Interpreter


About The Event

How to earn a living and build a career being a translator or interpreter

Wordsmith University ( announces one day hands-on workshop on the theme of the Art, Science and Commerce of be a translator or interpreter in your language pair and potentially achieve the following :

1. Residual income from local, national and international clients by putting your language and cultural skills into good use

2. Earn your living and achieve the bonus of being free in earning your living.

3. Start an Agency and deal in multiple languages and provide multiple services to clients worldwide - offline and online

4. Be a mobile creative : work from anywhere, anytime and on projects you like rather than projects liked by your company's bosses and accountants.

5. As you specialize and grow as a Language and Cross-Cultural Consultant, you will be consulted by the largest of the Corporations to a lone immigrant trying to get his documentation translated to apply for a new future.

6. You become a Li-Designer or Li-Der. Having optimized, designed, re-designed, re-structured your client's and your internal processes, you suddenly find that somehow in the busy-ness, you have failed to design and optimize the business process that is closest to you : The business of running your life.

There is no prior requirement in terms of age or experience for joining the course except natural curiosity, love for languages, culture and travel.

Course Details (The Course will be hands-on, intimate and intense)

Teaching Team

Your Lead Teacher Pritam Bhattacharyy's profile can be seen here :, who is Founder-Teacher of Wordsmith University. Few other teachers from other geographies as noted in our panel will join via webinar to share their specific skills and tips.

Venue : Salt Lake City, Calcutta. We shall intimate the location later on.

Date : 17th January 2015 (SATURDAY) / 10 am to 5 pm

Fee : INR 2400 - This includes lunch, unlimited tea, coffee and snacks. It is winter after all and we do not want you to doze after our famous lunch !

What we think you shall take away from the workshop

a. A new line of earning your living and building an alternative career or a career.
b. A way of earning new income
c. To learn a foreign language and work in various sectors like Legal, Tourism, IT, publishing
d. Be a mobile creative
e. Participate in role play.


In order to make the workshop effective, memorable and of having true impact, we shall not take more than 6 participants. If you are interested, please submit the form below. We shall send you the payment process and general terms.

In addition to the training, you shall have a complimentary copy of Wordsmith Book of Business - a manual written like a novel by Pritam on his journey in the domain of translation and translation business based Life-Designing.

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