Workshops By GoldenInspiration

Workshops By GoldenInspiration


  • Law of Attraction Workshop

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    INR 15000
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  • Law of Attraction Home Study Course

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    INR 5000
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  • Law of Attraction Trainers Training

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    INR 150000
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  • Absolute Freedom Home Study Course

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  • Mind Your Intellect Mind Power Course

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  • Life Transformation Course

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About The Event

What exactly is Law Of Attraction?

Law of attraction is something as universally applicable and powerful as the Law of Gravity. In other words, it means that your reality is established by what you "Think." Law of Attraction therefore means that all our life experiences are things that we attract based on our thinking. So, if people could master this art they can attract the desirable outcome from their life.

Warning: We all unknowingly use Law Of Attraction to attract things that we do not want in our lives.

Law of Attraction Workshop By  Golden Inspiration would help you master the art of using the Law of Attraction in the right way, so that you would attract whatever you Want in your life.

Benefits of Law Of Attraction Workshop:
In-depth knowledge of Law Of Attraction.
Training on how to implement Law Of Attraction in your life.
Helps you remove your hidden mental blockages using the powerful exercises.
You will be able to immediately Re-Design your life the way you want.

The workshops are offered at numerous levels based on the expertise of the participant.

What are the Topics included in the Law of Attraction Workshop By  Golden Inspiration?

Introduction to Law Of Attraction

How thoughts affect and trigger the Law Of Attraction

68 Seconds Pure Thought concept

Emotional Guidance System - How to use your inner guidance system to guide you in every step of your life

Money Blueprint - How to attract money in life

Mind Levels - Deeper understanding of how our mind works and how can we control our thoughts

How to avoid being a victim and take charge of our life

How to develop an attitude of gratitude towards everything/everyone

Learn how to visualize

How to forgive everyone and how it can improve your life

The power of intention and how to use it for your good

How to create a vision board which attracts everything you want in your life

Special Meditation Exercises to strengthen your Intuition, Visualization & Attraction

Quantum Physics - Scientific explanation of Law Of Attraction and how it works,etc.

Law of Attraction Trainer’s Training:

To spread the art of Law of Attraction, there is a dire need for trained individuals which we why we also offer the Law of Attraction Trainer’s Training program. 

Benefits of Trainer's Training:
In-depth knowledge of Law Of Attraction.
Training on "how to train law of attraction" in most effective way.
You will be able to start your full time /part time training career.
We will give you in-depth business training related to training industry.
You will be able to recover your entire investment in your first training.
You will become our lifetime exclusive business partner.
One year support for setting up your business.
1 free repetition of trainers training program within 1 year.
You can opt to become a Direct Trainer, or take up Franchise or become In-house Golden Inspirations Trainer.
You get 5 Copies of Life Transformation Course & 5 Copies of Mind Your Intellect course as a part of your package (Products worth Rs.15,000).

Other Courses:

Law of Attraction Home Study Course:
These apart there are several other courses on offer like the Law of Attraction Home Study Course, which would help people to pursue the course from the comfort of their home.

Mind Your Intellect - A Mind Power Course:
If you wish to boost your memory then the course is ideal for you as this course is designed specially for improving the way the human mind works. The course has been designed on the principle that the human mind has immense potential. 

Life Transformation Course:
Life is bound to keep changing and transforming every moment and this happens effectively when one understands fully that the root cause of all behaviour is conditioning, which has kept us all as prisoners. Until one learns how to transcend the limitations of one's conditioned belief system, life feels powerless and out of control. 

Conditioning is always changing and hence cannot be a benchmark for right behaviour, whereas aligning one's belief, behaviour and attitude to nature's ways of Functioning, which is always constant and consistent is the only solution to creating life altering and long lasting positive changes in one's life.This course explains step by step how one can bring about long lasting and positive transformation in their life by aligning to natural laws that govern all of us.

Absolute Freedom Home Study Course:
Absolute Freedom Home Study Course is a workshop that would help people break away from all the shackles that have been holding them down over the years This home study course is especially designed to help you in understanding yourself and accepting life unconditionally and realizing the purpose of a human life. This workshop will answer many questions about the mysteries of life and will share the secret of eternal happiness.

On completion of the workshop the participants would be provided certificate of participation along with a lifetime membership, which would provide the participants to repeat the same workshop by paying only the venue/food cost.

About Golden Inspiration:

Golden Inspirations is one of the oldest and most respected Law Of Attraction training company in India.Attending Law of Attraction Workshop By  Golden Inspiration would help you lead a more happy and contented life where you can achieve all that you wish to achieve.

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