Workshop on Internet Entrepreneurship

Workshop on Internet Entrepreneurship


About The Event

Internet is the need of the hour. It has a reach much wider than any other medium today. This penetration of internet amongst a large number of customer bases is its biggest strength. Internet is also multi faceted and diverse. With its unlimited applications and tools it provides exciting opportunities of operations, growth and marketing. All these characteristics of Internet together make it an excellent medium for doing business today. You could be looking at starting a completely fresh, independent internet business or you could be looking at diversifying your existing offline business with an online opportunity. Internet can remove the geographical boundaries and take your business from the local consumer base to a global or countrywide audience. Internet is a low cost business medium with very little infrastructure requirements and high ROI. However, there is a wide gap between the required and the available knowledge on internet and internet systems amongst the business class today. Therefore this medium is not being leveraged to the maximum advantage that it can yield. Through a series of workshops, we aim at bridging this gap by evangelizing internet and its benefits amongst the existing and potential business community of the country.

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