Workshop - Understanding Financial Statements

Workshop - Understanding Financial Statements


About The Event


Improve your financial intelligence Managers in business must understand the impact of their decisions on the financials of the company. Ability to read financial statements in a meaningful manner is an essential skill today for management staff. The workshop will provide the tools for reading and understanding financial statements through practical exercises.

The workshop will be beneficial to managers in senior and middle management levels who have little previous knowledge of finance.
Knowledge & Skills Gained
Basics of business finance
Ability to read, analyse and understand Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss and Cash Flow Statements and the linkages among them
Ability to compare performance of different companies or different profit-centres within a company
The importance of cash flow in business performance
Introduction to IFRS and the changes in financial reporting requirements

The key deliverables

Understanding the basics of business finance.
Ability to analyse business performance from financial statements.
Step by step guide to reading and analyzing key information in financial statements.
Appreciation of cash flow as the key part of financial statements.

What the Workshop Covers?

Accounting fundamentals & concepts, and how financial statements are built-up.
Basics of business finance through a video.
Terminology used in financial statements.
The 3 financial statements Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss A/C and Cash flow and the linkages among them.
Cash flow vs Profit.
Introduction to IFRS and the coming changes in presentation of financial statements.
Business Performance evaluation through ratio analysis.
Practical examples and exercises in analyzing financial statements.

Program Topics:
Introduction and Warm up -

Basics of Business Finance
Accounting Concepts and fundamentals, Financial Terminology
Video on business finance

A Walk Through the Financial Statements
Reading Financial Statements, Cash Flow vs Profit.
Introduction to IFRS.

Business Performance Measurement -
Ratio Analysis, its application and limitations, exercise.
Case Study Inter firm comparison.
Finance Quiz.
Concluding Session.

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