Workshop - Power - Effective Delegation

Workshop - Power - Effective Delegation


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Workshop - Power - Effective Delegation. With the advent of teams, downsizing, and fewer levels and increased numbers of direct reports, the kind of work the managers are being asked to do is changing. Therefore, understanding the principles, concepts, and mechanics of delegation is vital for success of today's professional manager.

Effective Delegation is a powerful management tool that helps you with time and priority management. It also provides you with the single most powerful way of accelerating the effective development of people and building the productivity of your team.

This practical and hands-on workshop will help participants develop skills to identify appropriate tasks to be done by others, methods to provide the appropriate inputs to the right person in a particular job while remaining in control.

Program Overview:
Principles and Steps in Effective Delegation:
* The Three Elements of Delegation
* The Six Principles of Delegation
* Ten Steps to Effective Delegation
* Case based session

Readiness of the Subordinate to take Delegation and Leadership Role:
* Understanding the complexities of the task
* Checking the competence needed
* Motivation and commitment of the team
* Choosing the appropriate leadership style to apply
* When to move into support and release controls?
* Self Evaluation, Cases and Video based session

Developing Competence and Motivation in the Subordinate:
* Development of subordinate for Delegation
* Support in managing tasks and processes
* Balance Task Vs. Motivation
* Creating a knowledge and skilled Team
* Game/ Activity, Exercise based session

Best Practices in Working Smart
What to Delegate and what not to Delegate?
Road blocks to Delegation
Planning and managing your priorities
Ensuring Time for progressive tasks
Role Play, Exercises and Video based session

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