Workshop On Subconscious Mind Power

Workshop On Subconscious Mind Power


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About The Event

 Our subconscious mind is a storehouse of infinite power and wisdom.

Have you ever wondered why someone keeps on getting failures, scarcity or a stuck state, whereas for others life is a gift of abundance and success. This all depends on the programs or imprints, our SUBCONSCIOUS mind holds. Subconscious may be compared to a garden, until the seeds of success and courage are planted, weeds of scarcity, misery and frustration keeps on growing. Once you learn to use your subconscious mind ; every dream becomes a reality.

Remember god made you a victor. Stop crawling now.. ... Let's unroll your wings and explore the limitless sky with unlimited possibilities.

You are born with infinite powers and skills but due to lack of knowledge this has remained un-manifested. Take it as a call of destiny for learning , how to activate and channelize this power.

Explore limitless power of sub-conscious mind.
Master Cosmic laws of success and prosperity.
Improve your self-image and creativity
Clear subconscious blocks to success, health, job and relationship
Built unstoppable confidence
Inspire yourself to achieve big goals.
Discover the mind strategies used by successful peoples
Replace self defeating beliefs with beliefs of empowerment

Choose what you want to be written against your name VICTIM or a VICTOR?

If you are reading these words, it means universe has chosen you to be a TRANSFORMER, LIFE CHANGER & Hope ENHANCER. Let's allow universe to shower its blessings of love, abundance and prosperity on you.

Fees: Rs. 100


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