Workshop on Renewable Energy for Children during Winter Vacations

Workshop on Renewable Energy for Children during Winter Vacations


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    Workshop on Renewable Energy

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About The Event

Energy plays a vital role in our daily life without which we cann’t  servive  more than few days. We all require one form or the other form of energy to meet our daily needs, to keep ourselves alive and to perform various operations in our daily life which has become absolutely necessary. Further, use of traditional energy sources life wood, coal, oil is depleting day by day. Therefore, there is a need to find  alternative sources of energy. The important source of energy are Solar, Wind and Hydel which are also know as Green energy because it do not creates any pollution.


We are organizing hobby classes on renewable energy for small children age 8+ years to teach them different applications of renewable energy. Our program is designed by experts in the field and we are using imported kits to perform various experiments, so that children learn by experimenting. We have a very wide program of 125+ practicals  which a child can perform , some of them are as follows:-


1)       Windmill

2)       Solar Power

3)       Hydel Turbine

4)       Solar Power

5)       Remote Water Heater

6)       Hybrid Car Concept

7)       Liquid Battery

8)       Hydro Lights



This is a very practical course which students learn by performing various experiments. They will learn what is a solar energy, wind energy and hydel energy.They will also learn the different applications of these energies.


Please contact for more details:-

VIJENDER JAIN B.E.(Mech) M-9818327437




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