Workshop on Object Oriented Design

Workshop on Object Oriented Design


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About The Event

About the Workshop: Using classes and objects doesn't mean that you are really using an Object Oriented Design.  Don't worry.  You are not alone.  Many people have strived already to achieve good object Oriented Design. They already have identified some basic principles for doing Object Oriented Designs (Some basic inspirations).  They also have identfied some basic priciples for doing Object Oriented Designs (Some basic inspirations).  They also have identified some common design patterns that are applicable to some common scenario (Based upon the basic principles).

Key Take away: 

  • How to write good OO code
  • How to use OO principles in code
  • How to apply OO design principles in code
  • How to improve OO code

Who Should Attend: 

This workshop demonstrates how to use OO principles as well as OO Design principles and how usage of these principles significantly improves the code.  This is completely hands-on workshop.

Software Engineers who need to streamline their design skills should attend this workshop.

Morning Session Noon Session

Basic OO Concepts

OO Principles





Brainstrom on

Inheritance Vs Composition

Evil if

Evil Nulls

OO Design Principles (SOLID)

Single Responsiblility Principle

Open Closed Principle

Interface Segregation Principle

Dependancy Inversition Principle

Other OO Design Principles

Don't Repeat Yourself

Tell, Don't Ask



Trainer Profile: Vinay Krishan

Vinay Krishna has 12 years of work experience in software product development and management.  Has developed many portals and Clients Server based applications using .Net,, C#, COM, RDBMS and OOP concepts.  He has extensive experience in managing enterprise IT project life cycle through all phases, Implemented n-tier, and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).  He has strong technical background in systems architecture, design patterns, UML, TDD and database design.  He is also doing research in the field of Software Architecture and presented many research papers at various international conferences and forums.

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