Workshop on Leadership Effectiveness  Talent Management

Workshop on Leadership Effectiveness Talent Management


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Programme in brief

Multinational companies, SMEs, Universities as well other organisations in developed and emerging countries are confronting the increasingly intensifying War on (Leadership) Talent. This highly interactive workshop aims to generate and share “good-practice” and research-based actionable insights on leadership effectiveness and talent management. Using case studies of leading organisations and state-of-art research, the facilitator will trigger and drive a meeting of minds and ideas from the corporate, public sector and academic world. Senior executives and consultants from Europe and India will create a framework of Leadership Effectiveness & Talent Management to help you analyse your organisation’s leadership effectiveness & talent management strategy. This will be supported by discussions of both best-practice and failure examples to help you put together a strategic plan uniquely addressing the specific conditions of the business and aligned with the firm’s strategic objectives, leadership and employee (talent) needs. A particular emphasis will be given to enable participating organisations to gain actionable insights to recruit, develop and manage leadership talent and high potentials in an increasingly international, mobile and virtual work context.


Actionable insights that you will gain from this programme


•Identification of leadership talents and high potentials  

•Developing a leadership brand based on strengths

 •The significance of Strategic Talent Management.

 •War on Talent: How to source leadership talent and win the future.

 •Measuring the impact of leadership and talent interventions.

 •Leadership & Talent plan: Putting the unique requirements into a leadership/talent plan for the future with a mix of interventions in the area of acquisition, placement, development, connecting, engagement and retention.

 •Seeking support for investment and execution of leadership & talent interventions



 Mr. Vivek Nagpaul (Facilitator), Chairman EuroAsian Network,Netherlands


Mr. Aditya Bhatnagar Founder, Drona Edutronics, India



Investment is EUR 100 per participant (non-residents of India) and INR 2500+ plus taxes (INR 309,) for others.  The venue is EMPI Business School, Chattarpur Satbari, Ansal Villas, New Delhi 110074.


Ms. Anna Timoshenko & Mr. Prashant Barje, MBA
Tel. Netherlands: + 31 346 250530, India: +91 9336845521, + 91 7696205434

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