Workshop on Investing in Equities by Yogesh Chabria

Workshop on Investing in Equities by Yogesh Chabria


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About The Event

One Day Workshop on Investing in Equities and Assets that create Wealth- Live Workshop with Mr Yogesh Chabria- well known author of ‘Cash the Crash ‘ and ‘Invest the Happionaire Way’.

This program is suitable for people who are interested in learning about how to start investing in Stock Markets for long term wealth creation. It is not intended for people wanting to speculate or day trade – we will be touching upon these terms, but the focus will remain on value investing.

This level will be followed by Progression and Seasoned Levels which will take the participants to detailed analysis of a company’s financial strength evaluation, predicting future cash flows, valuation, liquidation valuation etc.

The Workshops will be conducted by Mr Yogesh Chabria- a well known author and investment analyst- based in Mumbai. Yogesh has authored books like ‘Invest the Happionaire Way’, ‘Cash the Crash’ and ‘Money Game’. Our new books and videos are slated to be released by December 2011.

Content – for Initiation Level

Simple ways to start investing

Investor types

Sectors and Industries

Brief History of stock markets- bubbles and crashes

Economic Indicators

Dmat a/c’s, CDSL/NSDL etc

Key Concepts- Circle of Competence, Value Investing, Margin Of Safety etc

Price vs Value

When to buy and when to sell

Introduction to Ratios and Numbers – P/E, EPS etc

Introduction to analyzing financial statements

Mutual funds, Day trading, Speculating, Futures and Options, Put and call, Arbitrage etc

Qualities needed for long term value investing

Misconceptions of Stock Markets

Advantages and Disadvantages of Investing in Stocks

Investing in Gold and Real Estate- Gold ETF’s and REIT’s.

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