Workshop on Internet of Things Using Raspberry Pi

Workshop on Internet of Things Using Raspberry Pi


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About The Event

CISCO Predicts that Global IOT Market will be 14.4 Trillions , BI's report foresees that global market will witness an investment of nearly $6 Trillion in IOT solutions over the next five years. In this workshop we will discuss the possibilities of adding Internet of Things in Various Domains. This workshop mainly focuses on Sensing data and Sending the data to Various Opensource Cloud Platforms using Data communications protocols like HTTP and MQTT. 

Agenda of Workshop

Introduction to Raspberry Pi
Python Programming : Basics and Intermediate
GPIO Programming
Temperature Sensor Interface with Raspberry Pi
MQTT Protocols
Mosquitto Broker Installation in Raspberry Pi
Intra-network of Things Using Raspberry Pi
Thingspeak IOT Cloud
Sending and Receiving data to Thingspeak
Thingspeak MQTT Broker
Adafruit MQTT Broker
Control Home Appliances from Anywhere in the world

Note: Every Group of Two participants will get all the kits during the training which they have to return back at the time of completion of the workshop. If anyone wants to buy the complete kit they can purchase it there.

Who can attend the Workshop?

Students, Designers, makers, Engineers, Technologists, Entrepreneurs, Hobbyists and Anyone with an interest in electronics and wants to learn should come along!

Workshop requirements from participants:

A windows/linux computer/laptop for each participant. Android phone for app.

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