Book Online Tickets for Workshop on Internet of Things (Sensors , Coimbatore. Program Content

What is Internet of Things?
IoT system components
Front-end (IoT sensors)
Back-end (Communication networks)

IoT architecture
IoT communication protocols
IoT extended concepts
Security aspects
Data analytics


Workshop on Internet of Things (Sensors to Cloud)


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About The Event

Program Content

  1. What is Internet of Things?
  2. IoT system components
    1. Front-end (IoT sensors)
    2. Back-end (Communication networks)
  3. IoT architecture
  4. IoT communication protocols
  5. IoT extended concepts
    1. Security aspects
    2. Data analytics
    3. interoperability
  6. Introduction to microcontrollers
    1. Introduction to Arduino
    2. Arduino programming
  7. Sensor networks
  8. Testing the sensor/ actuator
  9. App development
  10. Making the system ready
  11. Setting up communication
    1. Understanding communication modules
    2. Communication between App and IoT system
    3. Communication between IoT system and Cloud service

                   i.      Introduction to Thingspeak

                   ii.      Creating your own Cloud

                   iii.      Monitoring sensor data


  1. Testing the developed system
  2. Ideas on project scalability
  3. Emerging trends and opportunities in IoT



    • 1 laptop per team with preferably Windows 7 or 10
    • Open to All engineering, Diploma students


    Registration Fees:
    • Limited seats
    • Individual certificates

      Kit Content: (Take away kit)

      • Bluetooth Modules
      • Sensor/Actuator Pack
      • Arduino Nano/Uno
      • Cables/Wires
      • Tools

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