Workshop on Formal Methods-FM on 14 and 15 May 2015

Workshop on Formal Methods-FM on 14 and 15 May 2015


  • Members of CSI IEEE - Industry Corporate, R and D Labs

    Members of CSI IEEE - Industry Corporate, R and D Labs

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About The Event


Special Interest Group – Formal Methods (SIG-FM),


Computer Society of India - Bangalore Chapter (CSI-BC)


Workshop on Formal Methods-WFM

May 14th-15th, 2015 at CSI Bangalore Chapter, Bengaluru



CSI Bangalore Chapter, Unit No.201, 2nd Floor, MB Center, Infantry Road, Bengaluru - 560 001

+91 80 2286 0461 +91 80 2286 2215 +91 80 4090 6171 +91 9448905268


 Workshop Objectives

 Over the years systems have become more and more complex by design and functionality.  Some of the unique features of these systems are:


  • Large-scale system of systems
  • Tight coupling (coordination) between computational and physical resources


Exceeds today’s systems in adaptability, autonomy, efficiency, functionality,  reliability, safety, and usability

With the advancement in the technologies, safety and security are key issues and there is a need to use effective, correct and reliable approaches to design, develop and qualify this complex, high assurance system software’s within the time-schedule and budget. Formal methods are proving effective in this. Hence there is need to bring together scientists, academicians & industrialists active in the field of formal methods and willing to exchange their experience in the industrial usage of formal methods.

The focus of the workshop is to generate awareness and interest  in  formal methods, and aims to foster foster integration between the formal methods and the software engineering communities with the purpose to examine the link between the two more carefully than is currently the case. 

CSI SIG-FM strives to promote research and development for the improvement of formal methods and tools for industrial applications.


  • 'Automobile functional safety (ISO26262) and static program analysis' - Dr Kuntal, Volvo
  • 'A case study of Safety Assurance using Formal Methods' -  Dr.. Sudarsan, ABB
  • 'Formally Validating Flight Control Laws using Design Verifier' - Dr. Yogananda, MOOG
  • Hands-on demo on the Simulink Design Verifier- Dr. Yogananda, MOOG

(If participants  have access to a design verifier, they can run some examples on their laptop.The files can be downloaded from here

  • Introduction to Formal Verification- Prof. Meenakshi, IIITB, Bangalore
  • Temporal logics, with focus on CTL - Prof. Meenakshi, IIITB, Bangalore
  • CTL model checking- Prof. Meenakshi, IIITB, Bangalore
  • Introduction to formal methods (formal specification, modeling, model checking)- Dr. Jetley, ABB
  • Computational logics (overview of first order logic, modal logic, temporal logic, with examples)- Dr. Jetley, ABB
  • Model based Development (along with application to specific domain)- Dr. Jetley, ABB
  • Formal Methods based approach for Regulation of Safety-critical systems (applied to medical device software)- Dr. Jetley,ABB
  • Operating System Securityby Prof. Shyamsundar TIFM
  •  Language Based Security,, . NV Narendra Kumar (TIFR):
  • Static Analysis Techniques (discussion on different approaches to static analysis, associated tools and use cases)- Dr. Jetley,ABB
  • Using formal methods in the software engineering process: An Initiation at  CSIR-NAL – Manju Nanda, J Jayanthi, CSIR-NAL





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Non Members - Industry, Corporate, R&D Labs


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Non Member of CSI, IEEE - Student




 Mr. Sridhar H.C. / Mr. Ramaswamy


Unit #201, 2nd Floor, MBC. 134, Infantry Road, Bangalore 560001

Tel +91-80- 2286 0461, 40906171, Tele / fax: +91-80-2285 2215 Cell No. 94489 05268

E-mail:, URL: http:///         



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