Workshop On Execution - Getting Things Done

Workshop On Execution - Getting Things Done


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Workshop on Execution - Getting Things Done.

The most critical source of competitive advantage is quite often not derived from the most ingenious product design, the best marketing strategy, or access to 'state of the art' technology, but having ability to Execute.

'Vision without Execution is Delusion.'- Peter Drucker.

For many leaders creating a strategy is the easy part. Making it happen is the bigger challenge. The 'missing link' between aspirations and results being Execution-the most important job of the leader.

This workshop is unique; it show how the ultimate difference between a high performance organization and its competitors is ability to link strategy, people & operation processes-ability to Execute.

 Program Topics -
Day 1 -

Program Overview -

Challenges in Getting Things Done -
* The gap between promises & the results.
* Why is execution a discipline & integral to strategic plan?
* Who is accountable for Execution?
* Understanding the three pillars in execution-people, environment & business processes.
Case Study.

Making Strategic Choices & Prioritizing -
* Understanding the external environment & competition.
* Determining the critical issues facing the business.
* Strategic choices and prioritizing.
* Balancing short term goals with long term objectives.
* Case and exercises.

Understanding Business Complexities -
'Management flight simulators', learning environment that motivate, that provides experiential as well as cognitive lessons that compress time and space so that we may experience the long-term consequences of our actions.

Day 2 -

People Alignment to Organization Priorities -
* Key Result Areas.
* Identifying objectives and developing action plans.
* Cascading corporate objectives to the team.
* Job and Talent Review.
* Exercises.

Developing Execution Competencies -
* Leadership Skills.
* Harnessing organization energy.
* The 8 Building Blocks.
* Video and Examples.

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