Workshop on Excelling as a First Time Manager

Workshop on Excelling as a First Time Manager


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About The Event


Course Overview

It may give you happiness, but may not always be easy when you are promoted as a manager with staff reporting to you. Often you are promoted based on your current skills sets for a job well done and the expectation that you can perform equally well at the next higher level. You might only have seen managerial actions of others to guide you. Sometimes the transition is easy, but more often managers who now face the role of having to direct others and communicate with many different levels and departments can soon find themselves stretched.

This course is designed to help the first time manager ‘fit the pieces together and see the bigger picture’. It is designed to develop the knowledge and skills in the first time manager necessary to manage and supervise staff to ensure the objectives of the organization are met, while developing the team and individuals to enhance their performance. This course will provide you with a thorough understanding of the principles of managerial excellence.


Course Objectives

This intensive two-day course introduces the new manager to the fundamentals of the managerial role. It focuses on the essential skills of time management, people resource management, leadership skills, performance and change management. At the end of the program, each participant will be able to:

  • set clear targets for themselves and the team
  • communicate with more clarity
  • manage workplace behavior
  • inspire others to give their best
  • give and receive constructive feedback
  • manage conflict situations
  • prioritize tasks
  • delegate tasks
  • adapt to change
  • lead the team with more effectiveness and confidence


The Course will cover

  • The Roles of a Manager
  • The Attributes of a Successful Manager
  • The Need for Change
  • Leading People and Building Teams
  • Managing Conflicts in a Team
  • Positive Ways to Inspire and Lead
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Feedback and Performance Appraisal
  • Managing Meetings and Managing Time
  • Managing Behaviors at the Workplace
  • Recap and Conclusion


Who Should Attend

This Course is ideal for people who have just been promoted -- or are about to be promoted -- to their first front-line management position. No formal prior management training is necessary.

Training Methodology

This Course will be highly participative with the participants doing exercises under the guidance of the course leader. The training method follows this general pattern:

Trainer presentation

Demonstration of the principles through specific examples

  1. Training exercises
  2. Syndicate work
  3. Skill practice/Role play
  4. Group discussion
  5. Supported with full written notes to take away
  6. Action planning by participants to implement back at their workplace


The Facilitator of the Course — Prof. S D Tyagaraj

Prof. S D Tyagaraj (67) is a Corporate Trainer with over 30 years of experience as a trainer. He is part of the Faculty Resource at Strategic HR and Training Services, New Delhi. Till recently he was Professor and Dean with Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore

Earlier he had been a Trainer with Strategic HR Services, New Delhi. Prior to that he has held many positions in HRD with Steel Authority of India Limited and has been the head of SAIL’s Management College at Ranchi during 1995-99. He has also worked with Rourkela Steel Plant, Bokaro Steel Plant and Raw Materials Division of SAIL.


Prof. Tyagaraj holds a Masters Degree in Statistics from the prestigious Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata with specialization in Statistical Quality Control and Operations Research. He has been a Consultant on Statistical Process Control with Indian Statistical Institute for 8 years, before joining SAIL.
He holds a certification from Industrial Society, UK as a Certified Trainer to conduct Action Centred Leadership courses. He has also been trained at Ashorne Hill Management College, UK, Brookfield Management Centre, UK and Teesside Training Enterprise, UK on ‘Trainer and Presentation Skills’. He has also been trained as a trainer in Japan and Australia.


Prof. Tyagaraj has designed Executive Development Programs for executives at different levels and has conducted many such programs. He has conducted many ‘Train the Trainer’ programs and ‘Action Centred Leadership’ programs.

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