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A Two Days Workshop on
Emotional Intelligence 
Pune: August 2-3, 2013
QICPL (Quantum

Workshop on Emotional Intelligence on 2nd & 3rd August


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About The Event

Quantum Infotrainers and Consultants Pvt Ltd


A Two Days Workshop on

Emotional Intelligence

Pune: August 2-3, 2013

QICPL (Quantum Infotrainers & Consultants Pvt. Ltd.) is a young & dynamic organisation. At the very core is its belief in Quality Commitment & Ethics. Ever since its inception on 5th Sept 2001 it bridged the gap between the requirements of the industry and the curriculum of Educational Institutions

Quantum will be hosting a two days workshop on "Emotional Intelligence” at Pune. The details of the workshop are as follows: 

What is Emotional Intelligence?
The expression Emotional Intelligence (EI) indicates a kind of intelligence or skill that involves the ability to perceive, assess and positively influence one's own and other people's emotions. Emotional intelligence is a mix of skills, such as awareness of emotions; traits, such as persistence and zeal; and effective behaviour.

Organizational change and increased stress levels seem to go hand in hand these days. The corporate sector in India is going through a rapid metamorphosis, bringing with it a tremendous change, not providing sufficient time to employees to adjust to it. This poses a challenge to employees whose beliefs can make them resistant to change, or intolerant of and resentful to the discomfort caused. The pressures that come along with this, may cause individuals to generate negative self-defeating internal dialogue which can lead to negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, depression, rage, resentment etc. this ironically comes in their own way, and keeps them and the organization from reaching their goals, and contributes to their failures.

Goleman claimed emotional intelligence is “twice as powerful” as IQ, and may predict far greater success in life, as compared to cognitive and analytical skills.

Description of the workshop:
This workshop is intended for people seeking the skills and emotional understanding to work with complex, interpersonal situations such as conflict. It starts by examining the principles of Emotional Intelligence (EI). It then looks at how these can be used to understand situations and how to select and apply techniques and approaches to effectively achieve desired outcomes. The first section examines the development of emotional expression, beliefs and behaviours in order to better diagnose and read other people’s (and our own) behaviour, particularly emotional messages and reactions. This provides an understanding of why conflict is often complicated and not easily resolved. Included in the first day are EI techniques for remaining calm and not becoming defensive or caught up in difficult interactions. Practical exercises are used to illustrate and practise communication skills and techniques for using group dynamics to set up and conduct constructive resolution processes. Other workshop elements include understanding and working with over-reactions, anxiety, anger and defensiveness. The workshop has a very practical focus and participants are encouraged to bring with them examples of real conflict situations so that these can be addressed.

Workshop Contents:
» What is self talk?

    » Identifying self talk

    » Thinking and emotions
    » The importance of emotional regulation
    » The ABCD’S of Emotional intelligence

» Identifying your core beliefs
    » Identifying faulty thinking

    » Emotional intelligence in the workplace: do’s and don’ts
    » Ways to enhance emotional competencies in one self and others.
    » Personal Action Plan

Organizational Benefits:
Researchers have found a significant relationship between emotional intelligence and the different level of meaning an individual holds towards work. They also believe emotional intelligence can enhance workplace performance, depending on the nature of the position. Emotionally intelligent individuals performed better under difficult and stressful tasks. Emotional intelligence may be an important, even necessary, ability for leaders, to motivate and influence others.

Emotional intelligence predicted organizational commitment and job satisfaction, particularly when combined with job control. Ashkanasy and Jordan (1997) found that emotional intelligence predicted the ability to endure job insecurity and periods of short-term unemployment. People who deal better with emotional problems experienced less burnout caused by work. Empathy, self-regulation of mood, and self-presentation are significantly related to emotional intelligence.

Workshop Particulars:  
Location: Pune

Dates:    August 2-3, 2013 (Fri & Sat)
Time:     9:30 a.m- 5:30 p.m

Profile of Participants:
The workshop is designed for junior staff, and middle manager level who lead teams and other work/project groups and who are interested in Emotional Intelligence, and its application to the workplace, particularly in the resolution of conflict. It is designed for people who want to empower themselves through fully using their Emotional Intelligence and is an opportunity to validate the intuitive or emotional side of personality and its power to work successfully with complex, challenging situations.

This workshop is respectful of people’s preferences for approaching this sometimes challenging material, and will provide ways for people to be self-determining in their own participation. Participants will be encouraged to work with the EI concepts and skills in relation to situations they have experienced, or those they are currently facing.

A variety of methods will be used in the workshop including:
    » The presentation and explanation of frameworks, skills and techniques
    » Interactive discussion of concepts and their applications
    » Practice and feedback in a safe and constructive manner using case studies » Reflection and review of personal style and beliefs about emotions

Learning outcomes and organizational benefits:
The workshop aims to provide participants with the opportunity to:

    » Recognise and understand emotions and emotional beliefs and behaviours
    » Regulate their self-talk, and also be able to tune into the self talk of others.
    » Identify their own core beliefs, and modify those that are harming or preventing them from reaching their goals.
    » Understand the difference between helpful and harmful thinking, and have the tools required to dispute their irrational thinking.
    » Deal more effectively with difficult people.
    » Give and receive feedback in a healthy style.
    » Deal with people more effectively, and job related stress.

Trainer’s Profile
Dr. Pratik Surana is a An ACTP Certified Coach, " International Academy of Professional Development Certified Multi Modal Coach with a score of 100%, A Motivational Speaker, Author, and Corporate Trainer with 19 Years of experience in Indian and Global Training and Coaching Markets.

Having earned Doctorate in Trainings. Being a writer for various leading news papers in India including Indian Express, Herald, Economic Times and many more, He has written several articles on Training and Development

He has recently authored another book called “Great Ideas That Will Keep You Stress-free & Relaxed At Work” after his previous book called “Cooldown Before You Burn Out!” that was one of the Best Seller Besides this, he has mentored many organizations and individuals in entrepreneurship development and has helped them to start up their own ventures. As a mentor for various upcoming enterprises, he is associated with prestigious organizations as TIE (The Indus Entrepreneur) and IIT (Indian Institute of Technology, Powai, Mumbai and Kharagpur's ECell.)

Workshop Fees:
One Nomination: INR 5000/- per participant plus 12.36% service taxes
(The above is Inclusive of Course Material /CD, Lunch, coffee / Tea & Certificate)

Registration Options:

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