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\"Embedded Robotics\" Workshop by Tech Innovates at Anna Nagar,Chennai 19th Feb. 2012


  • Registration for team of 4 persons

    Registration for team of 4 persons

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    INR 1600
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  • Registration for team of 3 persons

    Registration for team of 3 persons

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    INR 1300
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  • Registration for team of 2 persons

    Registration for team of 2 persons

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    INR 1000
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  • Registration for team of 1 person

    Registration for team of 1 person

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  • Kit Cost

    Kit Cost

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About The Event

"Embedded Robotics" Workshop by Tech Innovates at Anna Nagar,Chennai on 19th Feb. 2012.

  • Schedule: 19th Feb. 2012.; 09:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  • Fees:
    • Rs. 1600 for a team of 4 persons.
    • Rs. 1300 for a team of 3 persons.
    • Rs. 1000 for a team of 2 persons.
    • Rs. 600 for 1 person.
    • Kit cost : Rs. 1000 Separately (optional).
    • Discounts for Standard Tech ID and Premium Tech ID will be applicable only on the training fees.
  • Last date of registration: 19/02/2012; 08:30 am.
  • Certification: Every participant will get three certificates:
    1. Certificate for workshop.
    2. Certificate for completing two mini project during the workshop.
  • Venue: Tech Innovates,III Floor,No.80,V.V.Kovil Street,Thiruvalleeshwar Nagar,Anna Nagar West Ext.,Chennai-40.Land mark: Near Thirumangalam Signal.
  • For more details: CLICK HERE
  • Contact us @ 9790069397 or for more details.


Whats New?

  1. Design your own Robot from scratch.
  2. You will get your hands dirty with all basic electronics and mechanical components, designing your own Robot.
  3. You will be introduced with various software tools to make your design work easy.
  4. Tools we use are up to the industrial standard, which will give your learning an industrial touch and thus this workshop will be added in your industrial experience.
  5. The process of learning will be as follows:

  6. Design the mechanical structure structure of a Robot -> Controlling it through Remote control -> Designing the brain for the Robot using Micro-controller>WOW! You have designed your own ROBOT.

  7. You will be doing two mini-project during this workshop.
  8. Our commitment to participants doesnot finish with this workshop, you can look back to us to get any support for your final year project or any other project you do in future.
  9. Once you are done with this workshop, you will be ready to design any kind of Robot
  10. Certificates will be provided to all the participants at the successful completion of the workshop.
  11. Guidance for placement will be provided for the participants who want to make their career in this field.


Introduction and Mechanical structure design

  1. Introduction to Robotics.
  2. Introduction to basic component of Robot’s mechanical structure:
    • Design of Chasis board.
    • Working of DC Motors.
    • Working of stepper motor & servo motor.
    • Hydraulic arm & Motor operated arm.
    • Wheels,Drives & Switches
    • Remote control: Wired and Wireless.
  3. Concepts of turning: Three methods of taking turn:
    • Turning around the center.
    • Turning around a corner.
    • Normal vehicular turning.
  4. Concept of Hydraulic Lift.
  5. Techniques to make mechanical structures for various types of robots like Football playing robot, Hurdle Race robot, transporter etc frequently put up in the Tech fests.

Hands-on session on Mechanical Structure.

Fundamentals of basic electronic components:

  1. Basic Electronic Components:
    • Resistors,Capacitors,Inductors.
    • Diodes,LEDs,Transistors.
    • Logic Gates.
    • Oscillators.
    • Introduction to Design on Bread Board & PCB
  2. Working of Sensors:
    • Infrared Sensors.
    • Visible Light Sensors.
    • Obstacle detector TSOP Sensors.
    • Introduction to various other sensors like: Audio sensors, Movement Sensors etc.
  3. Introduction and working of the IC’s used in the controller circuit.
  4. Introduction to Op-Amps.
  5. Working of Actuators.

Hands on design and development of few basic electronic circuits.

Hands on design and development of IR sensor module.

Introduction to Embedded Systems & Architecture of 8051 family & PIC micro-controllers.

  1. Introduction to Embedded System.
  2. Micro-processors v/s Micro-controllers
  3. System on chip architecture.
  4. Introduction to 8051 & PIC Micro-controller.
  5. Architecture of 8051 & PIC micro-controllers
  6. Pin details.
  7. External hardware needed.

Programming techniques for 8051 & PIC Micro-controllers.

  1. Introduction to SDLC (Software Design Life Cycle).
  2. Basics of programming languages used in 8051 & PIC micro-controller.
    • Assembly Language.
    • Embedded C.
  3. Burning the code into the micro-controllers.
  4. Introduction to In System Programming & Off system Programming techniques.

Hands-on Session on making the controller circuit and programming.

Hands-on Session on designing the controller circuit using logic gates.

Hands-on session on connecting the brain of the robot to its mechanical body.

Introduction to the use of VLSI and Virtual Instrumentation Technologies in Robotics.

  1. Design of ASIC (Application Specific IC) for the robot: Controller circuit of the Robot Designed on a FPGA board using VHDL.
  2. Design of Virtual Instrument for the Robot: Controller circuit of the Robot is Designed on the PC/Laptop as a virtual instruments using LABView.
  3. Interfacing the Robot with PC/Laptop using various Data Acquisition Techniques.

Please go through the following Terms & Conditions before registering for the Workshop:

  1. Number of participants in the workshop is limited.
  2. Eligibility:Any engineering(B.Tech/M.Tech/Polytechnic) student from Electronics/Computer Science/Mechanical related branch can apply for this workshop.

For registration you can folow any of the folowing process:

  1. Online registration can be done by using the link given on the Workshops Schedule Page.
  2. Mail us at to get the account details. You can deposit the fee amount in your nearest ICICI bank branch in the account mentioned in the reply mail.
  3. Visit our office and pay the fees in person.

NOTE:Please avoid last moment registration to ensure your seat as the number of seats are limited.

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