Workshop on Communication and Personality Development

Workshop on Communication and Personality Development


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About The Event

 An engineer has to learn many things besides his regular syllabus prescribed at an engineering college. This includes soft skills which are very much essential to get a better job and have a bright career. This is never taught at the college. Our expert faculty shall through various tools equip you with the knowledge that will empower you to shape up yourself and project your image in a true professional way.

The concept of communication embraces a wide range of meanings circling around the idea of sharing. That sharing or exchange is now more commonly of abstract things, notably meaning. For communication to happen there are some necessary elements or conditions: social contact, a common medium, transmission and understanding. Some contact or connection is required. It may be physically close or (through technology) at a distance. If you are out of touch with people you can’t communicate with them. But you may be out of touch because you don’t communicate! Communication creates relationships; relationship produces communication.

The workshop will benefit not only the students but junior and middle level engineers in shaping up their career further. Even this is for all students and freshers who are not in engineering also.
Expert Speaker: Sarwan Singh
Fees Rs 100/-


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