Workshop on Building The Innovative Firm

Workshop on Building The Innovative Firm


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Programme in brief

 Multinational companies, SMEs, Universities as well other organisations in developed and emerging countries are confronting the increasingly intensifying War on (Innovation and Entrepreneurship) Talent. This highly interactive workshop aims to generate and share “good-practice” and research-based actionable insights on Building the Innovative Firm.  Using case studies of leading organisations and state-of-art research, the facilitator will trigger and drive a meeting of minds and ideas from the corporate, public sector and academic world. Senior executives and consultants from Europe and India will create a framework of Orbit Shifting Innovation to identify and enter innovative pathways to grow. We combine discussions from exciting case studies from our current experiences with the development and management of an innovative organisation.

This will be supported by discussions  of both best-practice and failure examples to help you put together a plan for redefining and recasting of innovation. Our workshop demonstrates a pioneering approach that takes diverse groups and introduce new paradigms to drive innovation.


Actionable insights that you will gain from this programme

 Seeding orbit shifting innovation

• Creative intent, breakthrough that that achieves transformative impact

• The origins of ground-breaking ideas

• Translating ideas into reality

• Key drivers for taking on a transformative challenge

 Combating dilution in execution

• Excite and enrol stakeholders

• Overcoming obstacles to innovation

• In-market visioning and fissioning

 Leading orbit shifting innovation

• Ascending the orbit-shift mountain

• What differentiates orbit shifters



 Our Innovation &  Entrepreneurship  conference and workshop series are meant for executives, general managers, senior vice presidents, directors, heads of business units, and partners as well as business school students and faculty.



 Investment is INR 2 500 plus INR 309 taxes. 



 Mr. Vivek Nagpaul (Facilitator)

 Chairman EuroAsian Network,Netherlands,



Ms. Anna Timoshenko & Mr. Prashant Barje, MBA
Tel. Netherlands: + 31 346 250530, India: +91 9336845521, + 91 7696205434


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