Workshop - International Business Etiquette And Fine Dining At Marriott Courtyard

Workshop - International Business Etiquette And Fine Dining At Marriott Courtyard


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Workshop - International Business Etiquette and Fine Dining. Globalization has unified the world into a single society. In today's competitive global economy, International Business Etiquette and Fine dining skills, play a paramount role in your business endeavour. Knowledge of International business etiquette and Fine dining skills enhance professionalism and portrays your company's global image. This workshop focuses on sharpening your business etiquette and dining skills from experts in the field.

Who should attend:
Individuals, who require to effectively, communicate with people in diverse business environments.
anywhere in the world. Employees of your organization who have to represent your company's professional image in the domestic and international market.

Key Objectives:
1. International Business Etiquette:
* Introductions and Exchanging Business Cards.
* Handshakes - make a powerful first impression.
* Eye Contact- send powerful positive signals.
* Body Language and Gestures - discover country specific greetings.
* Professional Business Dress and Decorum - Suited for Success.

2. Fine Dining Etiquette:
* Formal Dinners - French classical menu.
* Handling different kinds of Food - Indian, Continental and Oriental.
* Crockery and Cutlery - Cover setup and usage.
* Napkin Etiquette.
* Dining Etiquette - Do's and don'ts.
* Art of Small Talk - Striking Conversations, Taboo Topics, Pitch and tone of voice.

3. Communication:
* Techno Etiquette (Speaker Phones, Voice Mail, Hand Phone).
* Verbal and non-verbal communication.
* Barriers to Effective Communications.
* Importance of Listening Skills.

4. International Protocols:
* Forms of Address - Hierarchy.
* Gender Dynamics - Door, Elevator, Workplace & Social.
* Networking and Mingling - Tips & Tricks to attract social friendship and develop business relations.
* Premeeting strategy and Preparation - Culture Demographics.
* Gifting - Acceptable & Unacceptable gifts.
* Protocols & Status.
* Receiving & Reciprocating.

Pricing Details
Registration fee for two days workshop is inclusive all Rs. 13,236/- per participant.


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