Workshop - Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning (DR & BCP)

Workshop - Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning (DR & BCP)


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Due to the increasing acts of terrorism, violent natural disasters, political & industrial turmoil, employee theft, vandalism & sabotage - businesses are facing risks that are at an all time high. Other risks like cyber crimes, intellectual property thefts, fire, long power & communication outages etc., presents a scenario that can translate into huge losses for any organization.

While many large organizations have a comprehensive DR & BCP in place in India, research shows that most organizations are vulnerable and their DR & BCP efforts are mostly restricted to data backups, firewalls / anti-virus software that relate mainly to their IT systems.

DR or Disaster Recovery is recovering from a disaster and is the strategy of intelligent recuperation from a negative incident of any magnitude. It is a reactive approach.

BCP or Business Continuity Planning is about 'continuity of the business'. It is a management strategy to ensure that it can always maintain its standards and service levels, even if there are some challenges that come its way. BCP is a preventive and proactive strategy of ensuring business continuity and helps in lessening the probable damage that could have resulted if there were no safety preparations employed prior to the incident.

DR & BCP are therefore tactical & strategic management action plans that address the security threats to the business.

This workshop enables the business manager to:
* Appreciate the need for implementing DR & BCP in the organization.
* Understand the risks to their organization by identifying, analyzing & evaluating the risks.
* Ability to identify the risk profile of their organization and the steps required to plan a DR & BCP implementation.
* Be aware of the various legislations, techniques & best practices in DR & BCP.
* Practical steps for DR & BCP implementation.

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