Workshop - Dance Express Transform

Workshop - Dance Express Transform


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Dance Express Transform !

A one week intensive workshop in dance, choreography, spirituality, creativity and self-expression.
The morning sessions will be focused on energy work through Kundalini Yoga, meditation and Reiki to enhance energy levels, self-understanding and self-reflection. Vangelis will incorporate improvisation and dance methodologies that are accessible to all, and analyse the structure of emotions and feelings to reach a deep meditative dance practice.

In the afternoon sessions, we will work on the physical senses, intuition, the feeling of the present, composition and choreography to fuse spirituality with performance and dance. We will explore movement to find individual voices, communicate and express in profound ways through dance.

The workshop aims to enhance the individuals’ performance, spirituality and creativity, expression through dance, and develop perception and consciousness in performance and everyday life.

Price: Rs 4,500; Rs. 3,000 for students (including lunch and refreshments)

Outstation participants can book accommodation separately.

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