Workshop - Creating Passion For Results

Workshop - Creating Passion For Results


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Performance EDGE presents One Day Workshop on Creating Passion for Results.

Build and Sustain a Culture of High Expectations, Passion and Enthusiasm that Drives Results.

Workshop Description
We live in a knowledge economy. The core assets of the modern business enterprise aren't its building, machinery and real estate, but the intelligence, understanding, skills and experience of its employees. Harnessing the capabilities and commitment of knowledge workers is arguably the central managerial challenge of our time.

However, it can be frustrating trying to instill the right instincts into your employees and co-workers to think bigger, take on responsibility, think more like owners and fully work to their potential.

In this powerful one-day workshop, we share the basics of how to see, understand and gain the 'energy edge' - for yourself and your team. Learn how to truly build and sustain a culture of high expectations, passion and enthusiasm where everyone is focused on results?

* Knowledge & Skills to be Gained
* Activate the deep energy that moves you to peak performance
* Avoid the commonly accepted workplace behaviors that actually inhibit everyone's performance
* Build a more participative work environment to improve performance
* Create responsibility and drive ownership for results
* Recognize the clues that ignite passion and focus
* Create environment that helps retain valuable employees
* Influence and motivate difficult employees

Throughout the workshop managers and team leaders will participate in exercises and rehearsal modeling. Managers leave the workshop with implementation tools, troubleshooting guides and additional resources to help them apply the skills they have learned on the job.

Who should attend?
This course is designed for managers at all levels who lead individuals or teams.

Program Overview:
Create Meaning in The Work
Clarifying Purpose
Vision as forceful Motivator for Change and Success
Process of Creating and Sharing a Clear Inspiring Vision
Setting Standards and Inspiring the Team
Global Case, Exercises and Video Based Session
Harness Willpower to Achieve Results
Intrinsic Motivation vs. Hygiene factors
Creating Responsibility - Locus of Control
Emotional Energy
Amplify Bias for Purposeful Action through Focus and Energy
Self Evaluation, Case and Video based session
The Power of Expectation
Belief in Self and Others
Setting and Communicating High Expectations
Supporting and Create Enabling Environment
Pygmalion Effect in achieving results
Case, Discussion, and supported by Video Clips
Employee Engagement in Building Commitment
Engagement as tool to Create Ownership and Build Morale
Link between Morale and Performance
Managerial style to Engage the team
Activity and Exercise based session
Key Learning & Action Plans

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