Workshop - Vendor Management And Development

Workshop - Vendor Management And Development


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Workshop - Vendor Management and Development.

In the Globalised World and fast changing market place organizations are specializing in their specific areas of competence while increasingly relying on a host of vendors specializing in their respective areas of competence to create an effective Supply Chain. In these interlinked networks, effectively managing? partners can be source of competitive advantage. Effective Vendor Management will create Supply Chains which are robust, responsive to Customer requirements and which focus on improving performance and reducing costs give the organization the ability to compete - they generate more profits, have greater resources to compete and generate higher shareholder value.

Organizations which work with their Vendors as partners and have the confidence of their Vendors are able to tap into more resources for Innovation, have a more extended and supportive network in times of trouble and are able to withstand the vagaries of the Business environment better.

Understanding what makes a Vendor relationship more effective and building these principles into the organization will help in moving from adversarial relationships aiming to make more profits at the cost of each other to win-win relationships were both you and the Vendor mutually prosper.

Program Topic -
Program Overview:

Strategic sourcing decisions - Choosing between make and buy. Important points to consider while making the decision.

Defining your Vendor Relationship - Different types of Vendor relationships. Classifying your vendor relationship.

Evaluating Vendors and Performance Measures - What is important in a Vendor relationship? How to evaluate a Vendor and measure performance?

Improvement Methods - Identification of problems, application of improvement techniques, building relationships and collaboration. Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Cost reductions and sharing principles. Lean thinking.

Case studies and group exercises - Problem solving exercises.

Key Learning and Action Plan.

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